Beautiful and crisp winter morning in Canberra 


Feng Shui Tip: Water under the staircase 

Do you know water under the staircase can create misfortune luck for the children living in the house. Water could be in the form of a fish tank, a toilet or a mini bar. This situation causes the children to become disobedient and rebellious. Water under the staircase is believed to bring bad luck to the sons of the family in particular. Their personal development will suffer and they will suffer from setbacks and obstacles in their life. 

If you have a water feature under the staircase then remove it immediately. If you have a toilet under the staircase, avoid using it. If it is not possible then make sure you keep the toilet door closed at all times. You can take it a step further and put a curtain over the toilet door or you can put a full length mirror on the door, thus, symbolically making the toilet disappear.