Spiritual Feng Shui, October 2017, Malaysia

A glimpse into the Feng Shui World Magazine, with an article on the Spiritual Feng Shui course that I attended in October. It was such a great experience to be back and learning again from Lillian. We met some beautiful people and caught up with our old classmates as well. It makes me nostalgic already โ˜บ๏ธ. Enjoy ๐Ÿ’•

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Feng Shui Tip: Dying or dead plants and trees

Dying or dead plants and trees in the vicinity of a house can bring serious health problems for the residents of the house. Always be on the look out for dying plants and trees. If there is dead tree near your house make sure to cut it off completely. Stumps of trees facing either the front door or visible from the house can cause serious illness too. The energy created by dead plants is very yin and negative, and creates bad luck for the residents of the house. Children and older people are generally more susceptible to the negative energy and will be the first ones to be affected by it. If you have plants around your house make sure you take good care of them. Water them and feed them with some form of a fertiliser regularly to ensure that they stay strong and healthy. Healthy plants bring good healthy energy to the house and it benefits all the members of the family.

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Feng Shui Tip: Do you have to move houses or build a new one in order to capture good Feng Shui?

A lot of people have this notion that in order to make the most of Feng Shui they would have to either move houses or build a new house according to Feng Shui principles. You will be pleasantly surprised that you can improve your life drastically, in your existing home, by applying Feng Shui. In majority of cases it is just not feasible for a person to move into a different house or build a new house. Feng Shui works on a lot of different levels. When we apply Feng Shui we take into account the personal information of the residents and the directions that will bring them good luck. We also take care of the directions which might be creating bad luck for them. We enhance the good luck sectors and subdue the bad luck sectors. 
Once you have everything in place according to Feng Shui you will feel a sense of calm in your home, you will have better health, your financial status will improve, relationships will improve, children will excel at school etc. In other words your life will move more smoothly. Feng Shui cannot take away all your problems but it can make them so small that you will not even notice them. 
So what happens once you have had your home Feng Shui’ed?  
Most of the layers that we apply in Feng Shui are permanent. So once you have placed the cure for that layer you can forget about it and relax. But, there is a layer which needs to be taken care of every year. As the stars move yearly they change the various good luck sectors as well as the bad luck sectors. For example, if you have a good star at your front door one year, it will bring you lots of good luck, opportunities and wealth that year. When the stars move and brings a bad star to your front door, that year you will come across more obstacles and headaches. The good news is that because the stars move every year, the bad star will affect you for that year and move on to another sector but that one year can sometimes wreak havoc on a persons’ health, relationships or finances. Another good news is that knowing what to do to fix those negative stars can mean fixing the problems too. For a person who understands Feng Shui it is quite easy to figure out what might be going wrong in any situation. For a layman it is quite complicated. So if you are going through a rough time and don’t know what to do, then Feng Shui might be the answer. Feng Shui is easy to apply and easy to follow. The main thing to remember is that once you have all the remedies you have to apply them. Just thinking about it won’t fix the issues but applying it will. 
The coming year, 2017, is the ‘Year of the Fire Rooster’ which starts on the 28th of January (Chinese New Year). This year too, like other years, there will be certain sectors that will need to be kept quiet and there will be some sectors which will need to be enhanced to capture its good luck. As we get closer to the new year, I will keep sharing all the tips that you need to apply to stay safe in the coming year. Stay tuned ๐Ÿ˜Š
Feel free to send your queries either through email – shellysingh168@gmail.com, or through Facebook – Blooming Mushroom International Feng Shui. 

Always happy to help ๐Ÿ’•

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My new sign

Love my new sign ๐Ÿ’–
So lucky to have an amazing and talented friend, Skye Silcock (@ Love Photography, Yass) who waved her magic wand and made it happen so quickly ๐Ÿ’•

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Feng Shui Tip: Ingots as Wealth Enhancers

Ingots are considered great wealth enhancers for homes and shops. They come in different shapes and sizes and are usually made in gold or silver colour. The symbolism behind ingots is the presence of wealth in one’s life. There are a few different ways to use ingots in your home or shop. Display them prominently on a table/counter at home or shop to increase income opportunities. You can display the ingots in a nice ceramic or crystal bowl and place them on your coffee table or dining table. They can also be displayed in the Southeast corner of the family room or drawing room. Another good spot for displaying ingots is the corner diagonally opposite the door of any room, as this is considered the wealth corner of the room. If you have wealth ships or wealth vases then put ingots in it too as it will help increase your affluence.

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Feng Shui Tip: Compass

If you have been following my posts then you would have realised the importance of directions in Feng Shui and in our lives. Based on your Date of birth you have four good directions and four bad directions. In order to make the most of your good directions we suggest that you try and face them while working, filling out important forms, at meetings etc. I am hoping that by now you have worked out your good and bad directions. So the next step would be to make sure you carry a small compass with you at all times. There are certain ‘compass apps’ available which you could download for free on your phones. I have got one on my phone but to be honest I don’t find them too reliable. They can be a bit moody at times and when you are applying Feng Shui you have to be accurate while taking directions. I usually carry a small pocket Feng Shui compass in my bag all the time. (I have attached a picture of the compass for you to see). This compass gives me accurate directions. If you cannot find this compass then you can go to a Camping store or National Geographic store to purchase one or if you would like to get one like mine, then you can let me know and I can organise it for you. Make sure you carry your compass with you all the time. If you have an important meeting then try and get there early and work out the directions and choose a seat which faces either your success direction or at least one of your good directions. By just following this tip you can change your luck and improve your life immensely. 

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Feng Shui Tip: Career Enhancement

We have talked about the Ru Yi as a symbol to boost authority and leadership at work. If you want to enhance your career and gain promotion, then Ru Yi is a must have for you. It helps gain promotion to higher levels at work and ensures that the staff work smoothly under you.

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Feng Shui Scarves

Feng Shui Tip: Horse Scarf

Lillian Too has a gorgeous collection of scarves. This Horse Scarf (100% silk) attracts recognition luck in the workplace and in your life. You can wear it to your business meetings, functions and social gatherings to increase your success luck. Tie it around your neck or on your bag to activate its luck. 

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Feng Shui Tip: Water in the North

If you have been struggling to find a job or would like to get a better job then this tip is for you. The presence of water in the North of the garden or home will strongly activate your income luck. North is the sector related to career luck. Placing a water feature in the North will ensure that your career thrives and you get increased success and income. 
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