Feng Shui tip on missing corners in the house

Houses can have missing corners depending on their shape. If your house is a square or rectangle in shape then chances are it doesn’t have any missing corners. But if your house is an odd shaped or has cuts and angles then that creates missing corners. These missing corners can create problems in your life depending on their compass direction. Each compass direction is assigned a life aspiration. It gives us an indication about the kind of luck that would be missing in ones’ life and which family member’s luck would be affected. You will need a good compass to work out the various directions of your house. Once you have ascertained the directions then you can work out which compass direction has a missing corner. I will cover each compass direction one by one and provide the remedies to fix them as well. 

MISSING SOUTH CORNER: If there is a missing corner in the South of a house it will mean that the luck of recognition, fame and honour will be missing for those living in that house. This could also mean that the good name of the family might come be harmed. The missing South will also adversely affect the middle daughter of the family.

REMEDY: The great thing about Feng Shui is that there is a cure for most problems. If there is a missing corner in the South of your house then you can correct it by having bright lights in the South corner of your garden or your house. Make sure you keep that light turned on most of the time. The other remedy to fix this problem is to place a mirror on the South wall of the room where the missing corner is. When using mirrors in your house do make sure that you follow the taboos associated with mirrors in Feng Shui. The mirror should not reflect the couples’ bed or the front door. If you are unable to place a mirror then use a bright light in that corner. Make sure that you do not inadvertently create another problem while trying to fix one. 

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Feng Shui Tip for Authority

Ru Yi is the best symbol to have at work to boost your authority and leadership. If you are the boss and have difficulty managing your staff then you need to have a Ru Yi on your Office desk. Ru Yi helps manage difficult people and gives you more power over them. Ru Yi’s come in different styles. Choose the one which appeals to you. Ru Yi with 9 Dragons is a really powerful one to have to boost work success. 

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Feng Shui Magic

I would like to share a story with you, to show you how Feng Shui works quickly and magically. 

I bumped into an old friend the other day. We got talking. She started telling me about her son and burst into tears. She was really worried about her son. Let’s take a step back and start from the beginning. Her son who is unmarried, had started seeing someone recently. The lady he was involved with had a troubled marriage and her ex-husband was still creating problems for her and was known for being violent. This situation was causing my friend a lot of stress. She was worried for her son’s wellbeing. To top it all, there was another lady who was interested in her son. Well you could say that his love life was definitely booming. I told her not to worry, to stay positive and that things would get better. I could see she was really unhappy and asked her if she would like me to help her. She knew I did Feng Shui but had never used it and readily agreed. 

I sat down with her and worked out the orientation of her house. I asked her to draw a rough plan of her house so that I could see where the rooms were. When I had all the information I needed I started analysing her house chart. I could see what the problem was. How come all of a sudden there was so much interest in her single son??? I did have an idea of what might have been causing all the trouble but looking at the charts I could clearly see what was going on. Her son’s bedroom direction had the Romance star for the year (2016) and on top of that he had the monthly Romance star in his bedroom too. Talk about double whammy. 

I told her not to worry and asked her to put a few cures in his room. The colour of the bed sheet was aggravating things even more. I gave her a list of simple things to do, some of which included using white bed sheets instead of blue and putting a metal object in his room. My friend went home and did everything I had told her to do. I explained that as soon as she applies the Feng Shui cures things will start settling and improving. I didn’t hear from her for about a week but then she dropped in to tell me that her son had decided that his relationship was far too complicated, and that he had decided to take a break and think about it. She said that she had a heart to heart talk with him too and told him about her worries. she was so happy that he had decided to reconsider the whole affair. I could see she was really relieved and happy with the outcome. 

I am really glad that I could help a friend in her time of need. It feels good to know that I can use my knowledge of Feng Shui to help improve lives and to help keep people safe. I always say that ‘the more I practice Feng Shui, the more I understand it and the more I want to learn.’ This incident has strengthened my resolve even more. If there is one investment you would like to make, then let it be Feng Shui. 

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Feng Shui Tip: Cactus and your love life

Feng Shui Tip: Cactus and your love life
Avoid growing Cactus and other prickly plants in the Southwest corner of your garden or home. Southwest is the love and relationship corner, and having thorns here will negatively impact not only your love life but your relationships with everyone in general as well. 

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Feng Shui Tip: Garden Feng Shui

The garden area is an integral part of every house. Gardens represent growth energy and are usually the entry point of a house. The energy entering your home has to go through the front garden and then enters through the front door. Make sure you have healthy plants in your garden so that the energy entering your home is fresh and healthy too. Well kept gardens bring good fortune to the home. If you live in an apartment and do not have a garden, then you can introduce potted plants to attract good Feng Shui to your home.
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Spiritual Feng Shui 

As you all know i have been away to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for about two weeks, to do the Spiritual Feng Shui course with Lillian Too. The time spent with Lillian and the others was amazing. Not only did we learn a lot but got to know people from all over the world. There were people from Russia, U.S.A, India, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, etc. It feels like I have an extended family all over the world. It is truly an amazing feeling

The energy of the class was just amazing. I have always loved learning Feng Shui from Lillian. The depth of her knowledge creates a hunger for learning, and her sense of humour and warmth keeps me going back for more. Even though the days can be really long, we are happy to stay on and absorb all the information being shared. Hanni Lim (Lillian’s niece) and Stanley Ng guided us through the course as well. All of us usually have a lot of questions to ask through the course and even afterwards. I am sure we try their patience all the time but are so grateful for the ongoing support they offer. We had the pleasure of visiting Jennifer Too’s house as well, where Jack (her 12 year old son) mesmerised everyone with his performance on the piano. Last but not the least, the behind the scenes ladies, Connie and Jan, do an awesome job of keeping all the orders moving and helping out in all possible way they can. 

I must admit that after attending this course I feel more empowered and know that I will be able to offer so much more to my family, friends and clients. I really admire all the effort that Lillian and her team put in to organise these courses and feel blessed to have had the opportunity to be a part of this beautiful team. A big thank you to all the team members of WOFS, KL.

And now that I have completed most of the courses offered by Lillian I am already thinking of an excuse to go and see her and her gorgeous team at World of Feng Shui next year. The next trip might be a Spiritual Excursion to Kathmandu with Lillian. Who knows… I am sure i will find a way to meet Lillian Too soon. 
Here is a glimpse of all the fun times we had while attending the course. The Graduation party, the dance, the food and the fun and laughter made the whole event even more memorable. 

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