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A very good morning to all of you and my apologies for being MIA (Missing in action) for a while. I was overseas for a couple of weeks. I am back now, over the jet lag and ready to get back into the swing of things. A lot of people go on a religious pilgrimage to India. I went on a different kind of pilgrimage/journey, an educational one, to learn Astrology. I have always been fascinated with Astrology and how it works. I know there isn’t much scientific validity attached to Astrology but once you start understanding the meaning of the interactions of various planets in a birth chart, you can actually predict its outcome. I find these so called pseudo-sciences really fascinating and am loving learning more about Astrology too.  After doing the Paht Chee (Chinese Birth Chart Reading) Course last year, I was ready to add another feather in my educational cap. I feel extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to learn from a very learned and experienced Guru, who has been practising Astrology for over three decades. I must admit I will have to put in a lot of hard work and effort to master this ancient science but I am a willing student.

You might wonder why I felt the need to start on this journey, when I already use Feng Shui? We use Feng Shui to improve our Earth Luck, which is 1/3rd of the total Luck everyone has. For those who have been following my Blog at http://www.bloomingmushroom.com or follow me on Facebook – Blooming Mushroom International Feng Shui, would already understand this, but for the new readers I will go over it again. 

Feng Shui believes in three kinds of Luck, each of which holds 1/3rd part out of the total, 

1). Heaven Luck: Our Destiny, hence, Paht Chee (Birth Chart Reading) and Astrology fall in this category.

2). Earth Luck: Our environment, hence Feng Shui.

3). Mankind Luck: Our Personality- What kind of a person are you? Are you happy where you are or do you want to change/improve your life?

Now for some mathematical calculations. I will take my own example and see how this equation affects me. When I applied Feng Shui to my house, I improved 1/3rd of the Earth Luck. I am a very positive person and believe in learning and pushing myself to achieve more, all the time. By doing so I activate 1/3rd of the mankind luck. If I just stopped here and did nothing regarding the 1/3rd Heaven Luck, I would have already tipped the scales to my benefit, i.e 2/3rd of the luck would already be on my side. Now if I add the last piece of 1/3rd of Heaven luck to this equation, I can improve all the three dimensions of luck and make sure that everything works in my favour. This is what i call a “Win-Win Situation”. 

We usually say that everything is destined and accept what comes our way, and try and deal with it the best we can. I say ‘No’ to that. Why suffer unnecessarily when we know there is a way out. There was a point in my life too, where I considered the ups and downs of life as a normal part of living. But after getting a better and deeper understanding of Feng Shui and Paht Chee/Astrology, I think differently now. By applying Feng Shui, Paht Chee or Astrology, we can improve the quality of our life and focus on the positives, instead of going through the usual ups and downs, and then trying to rebuild our lives. I have been using Feng Shui as a tool to enhance my life for nearly four years now and this knowledge has given me the ability to improve lives, and help my clients lead a smoother and more fruitful life. It is a very empowering and satisfying feeling when you see the quick results and happy faces of your clients. I now look forward to using my newly acquired skills to benefit even more people. 

Feel free to write to me if you have any questions regarding Feng Shui, Paht Chee or Astrology, on shellysingh168@gmail.com

Until next time.


Shelly Singh ๐Ÿ’•

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Your Health in 2017

Feng shui has an affect on all the aspects of our life. If you are suffering a reversal of fortune, or sudden ill health, it could be because of various reasons. It could be due to bad Feng Shui of your house or due to the appearance of a negative star in your front door or bedroom. 

The reason I love Feng Shui so much is because it empowers me to improve lives, not just mine, but of the people who come in contact with me. Knowing what to do, and applying the right cures, can change the outcome of any problem. 

I was having lunch with a few friends over the weekend. One of them had been unwell for a few weeks and had ended up in the hospital. She was telling us about her ordeal and wanted to know something from me. She said that she had bought some beautiful Amethyst stones for herself sometime ago. She felt that the day she took them out of the dressing table drawer, was the day she started feeling sick. She asked me if she was being paranoid or it could actually be because of the stones. 
Amethyst is a beautiful stone, and we use it quite regularly in Feng Shui. I told her to follow her instinct and if she didn’t feel comfortable with it in her bedroom, then she should place it somewhere else. Then I asked her about the direction of her bedroom. She said it was in the Northwest of the house. I could straight away see the reason behind her sudden sickness. This year Northwest has the sickness star. We know that the Sickness star is a negative star which gets enhanced when we place anything made of Earth or Fire. We usually suppress it by placing Metal element or Metal colour in the room where the sickness star resides for the year. So what was happening here? We know that her bedroom was in the Northwest and when she displayed the beautiful Amethyst stones on her bedroom dressing table, the stones started enhancing the sickness star causing her to fall sick. The sickness star usually works more quickly on people who are already weak and vulnerable, as their personal energy/chi is already low. 

The ups and downs that we go through actually follow a pattern. When a good star moves to your room or front door, it will create good luck and likewise when a bad star comes to your bedroom or front door, it will create problems. These stars can be easily controlled. So what are the precautions one can take to prevent the sickness star from creating havoc on the wellbeing of a person. Well, ideally I would suggest moving out of the bedroom where the sickness star is, so move out of Northwest in 2017. I can also understand that it is hard to just move out of your bedroom. If you do not want to leave your room, then use white bedsheets in that room or place decorative objects made of metal there. By doing so we are subduing the negative effect of the Sickness star, and the residents of that room will not feel the impact of the star as much. 

Likewise, if your front door is in the Northwest, it gets activated every time you open and close the door. Ideally, one should avoid using that door and keep the area quiet, but if that is not possible, then you need to place more metal objects near your front door too. 

The cures we use in Feng Shui are very easy to apply and can prevent a lot of pain. Look for the Northwest corner of your house and work out which room falls in the Northwest. Once you have established the room, the next step is to place metal objects in that room. Northwest also happens to be the direction of the Father/Patriarch of the family, hence, all the patriarchs need to take extra care of their health this year. They should get regular health checks,  exercise regularly and should avoid rough sport this year. When people apply these cures they might think that nothing much is happening which I guess is a good thing because nothing bad is happening either…. Feng Shui starts working the day you apply it and over time you will notice a significant improvement in the quality of your life, be it health or any other area. Just make sure you apply the yearly cures regularly and apply Feng Shui in your home to stay safe and healthy. 

Wishing all of you a fit and healthy 2017.  


Shelly Singh ๐Ÿ’•

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