Swans in Feng Shui

Swans are symbols of love, grace, purity, beauty, balance and elegance. They are known to mate for life and are used as a symbol of love and devotion in Feng Shui. A pair of swans can be displayed in the bedroom or in the family/living room, in the Southwest direction, to enhance marital fidelity and improve relationships between couples. Do make sure that you display them in pairs only and not singly or in threes, as that can lead to problems in a relationship. 

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Bird Baths in Feng Shui

Bird baths are considered as yang water feature in Feng Shui. Every time a bird has a drink or a dip in the bird bath, it is activating the water feature. Make sure your bird bath is clean and full of water, to attract more birds. You can place a bird bath in the North, East and Southeast part of your house. When placed in the North it brings career success, in the East it brings good health and when placed in the Southeast, it brings wealth luck. If you place other forms of water features then make sure that the water flow is facing inwards, thus bringing money in. 

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Infidelity and Marriage problems 

Feng shui can play an important role in improving relationship between couples. When we apply Feng shui we create an environment of harmony which nurtures love and affection in a family. Amethyst Geodes are used as a Taoist cure to prevent infidelity and break up in marriages. If you or someone you know, is going through the problem of infidelity, then this cure can help improve your relationship with your husband or partner and remove the third party from your life. 

Tie an Amethyst geode with a red string to the leg of the bed on your side, towards the feet. Ideally women should sleep on the right hand side of the bed and men should sleep on the left hand side. This Taoist ritual not only helps mend broken relationship between couples, it gets rid of the third party and brings good luck to the couple as well.
Make sure to buy an Amethyst Geode which you really like. It is best to cleanse the geode to get rid of the energy of the other people who have handled it. To cleanse the geode place it in salt water, you can use sea salt or rock salt, and leave it for seven days and seven nights. Then wash the geode under running water and now it will be ready to be used. 

The size of the Amethyst geode matters too. It should not be too small otherwise it will not be effective. Neither should it be too big or it will be too overwhelming. Choose a medium sized geode and tie it with a red string.

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Stagnant Energy or Dead Energy

Stagnant or Dead energy occurs when we have corners and rooms which are not used regularly and these corners/rooms tend to collect stuff that is not put away. The walk in wardrobes, guest rooms being used as store rooms, are a good example of a space that can get really cluttered and accumulate dead energy.  We have talked about the importance of clearing clutter and re-energising our space on a regular basis. When the energy becomes stagnant or dead, it tends to create obstacles in our lives. Make sure to keep the energy moving by opening up windows and doors, and airing the rooms which are not used on a regular basis. Get rid of things you don’t use or need anymore. Once you have cleared the extra stuff you will feel the change in the energy straight away and by doing so you are not only clearing the clutter but removing obstacles from your life too. A win-win situation. 

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