Stagnant Energy or Dead Energy

Stagnant or Dead energy occurs when we have corners and rooms which are not used regularly and these corners/rooms tend to collect stuff that is not put away. The walk in wardrobes, guest rooms being used as store rooms, are a good example of a space that can get really cluttered and accumulate dead energy.  We have talked about the importance of clearing clutter and re-energising our space on a regular basis. When the energy becomes stagnant or dead, it tends to create obstacles in our lives. Make sure to keep the energy moving by opening up windows and doors, and airing the rooms which are not used on a regular basis. Get rid of things you don’t use or need anymore. Once you have cleared the extra stuff you will feel the change in the energy straight away and by doing so you are not only clearing the clutter but removing obstacles from your life too. A win-win situation. 

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