Feng Shui Tip: Water in the North

If you have been struggling to find a job or would like to get a better job then this tip is for you. The presence of water in the North of the garden or home will strongly activate your income luck. North is the sector related to career luck. Placing a water feature in the North will ensure that your career thrives and you get increased success and income. 
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Feng Shui tip on missing corners in the house

Houses can have missing corners depending on their shape. If your house is a square or rectangle in shape then chances are it doesn’t have any missing corners. But if your house is an odd shaped or has cuts and angles then that creates missing corners. These missing corners can create problems in your life depending on their compass direction. Each compass direction is assigned a life aspiration. It gives us an indication about the kind of luck that would be missing in ones’ life and which family member’s luck would be affected. You will need a good compass to work out the various directions of your house. Once you have ascertained the directions then you can work out which compass direction has a missing corner. I will cover each compass direction one by one and provide the remedies to fix them as well. 

MISSING SOUTH CORNER: If there is a missing corner in the South of a house it will mean that the luck of recognition, fame and honour will be missing for those living in that house. This could also mean that the good name of the family might come be harmed. The missing South will also adversely affect the middle daughter of the family.

REMEDY: The great thing about Feng Shui is that there is a cure for most problems. If there is a missing corner in the South of your house then you can correct it by having bright lights in the South corner of your garden or your house. Make sure you keep that light turned on most of the time. The other remedy to fix this problem is to place a mirror on the South wall of the room where the missing corner is. When using mirrors in your house do make sure that you follow the taboos associated with mirrors in Feng Shui. The mirror should not reflect the couples’ bed or the front door. If you are unable to place a mirror then use a bright light in that corner. Make sure that you do not inadvertently create another problem while trying to fix one. 

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