Feng Shui Tip: Ingots as Wealth Enhancers

Ingots are considered great wealth enhancers for homes and shops. They come in different shapes and sizes and are usually made in gold or silver colour. The symbolism behind ingots is the presence of wealth in one’s life. There are a few different ways to use ingots in your home or shop. Display them prominently on a table/counter at home or shop to increase income opportunities. You can display the ingots in a nice ceramic or crystal bowl and place them on your coffee table or dining table. They can also be displayed in the Southeast corner of the family room or drawing room. Another good spot for displaying ingots is the corner diagonally opposite the door of any room, as this is considered the wealth corner of the room. If you have wealth ships or wealth vases then put ingots in it too as it will help increase your affluence.

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