Feng Shui Tip: Unwanted Gifts

With Christmas around the corner everyone is busy getting ready for the big day and, busy buying gifts for their near and dear ones. Kids wait with bated breath for Santa Claus to visit their homes. Most cultures have a tradition of exchanging gifts throughout the year. It is a great time to clear out all the excess stuff that is lying around the house and welcoming new things/energy to your life. By doing so you will not only clear up the blockages that might have been effecting your life, but you will symbolically make room for new and better opportunities to come to you. Remember Feng Shui is all about the energy of your space. If your space is clean and fresh it will make you feel good and things will work smoothly for you.

So my question is, What happens when you end up with a gift that you don’t really like or need? I am sure every one has received at least one gift in their lifetime which they didn’t like at all, either from a relative or friend. On the other hand, you might have given a gift to someone, which they had no use of. This can be a very tricky and sensitive subject, especially when the gift has been given by a close relative, and needs to be handled carefully. Do you keep such a gift and pretend to like it? Do you recycle it? or, Do you give it to charity? There is no simple answer to this question. If you have received a gift which you don’t like, make sure you show gratitude to the person who has bought the gift for you. Be sure to be humble and sensitive about the whole situation. 

The next question is, “Does a gift which you don’t like really affect you?” The answer is ‘Yes’. Every time you look at an unwanted gift, it creates negative energy, which in turn will effect your space negatively. You can give the unwanted gift to a charity or give it some one you think might enjoy it more than you. Being grateful and appreciative of the person will hopefully help ease the quandary for the recipient. 

So this Christmas lets try to give and receive gifts mindfully 🎄💕

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