Feng Shui Tip: Energy of a house

When looking at improving the Feng Shui of your space, it is a good idea to develop a sensitivity to the environment, so that you can sense the energy of a house. Each house has its own energy. It can be happy energy or sad energy. You can usually feel the energy of a house when you step into the house. If it lifts your spirit then it obviously has happy energy. On the other hand, if it creates a sense of unease, then it definitely has sad or stale energy. If you are buying a house then it is a good idea to enquire about the background of the last owner, as this will give you a clue to the quality of their life and the energy of the home. Every house/building tends to accumulate the energy of its residents. If the people living in a house are happy and energetic, then the energy of the house will be the same. If the residents of a house are always complaining, keep finding fault with things, quarrel all the time, and are generally sad, then the energy of their house will be negative and sad too. There are ways of improving the energy of a space. Space cleansing methods are very beneficial in getting rid of stale/negative energy of the previous owners or tenants. In order to improve your luck in a new house, you also need to apply Feng Shui – Space Feng Shui and Flying Star Feng Shui, as it will fix the imbalance of the elements in the house and make your life happy, smooth and successful. 

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