Office Politics and Feng Shui

Office Politics and Feng Shui 

Feng Shui is a holistic practice which helps bring harmony in the living space, be it at home or at work, and helps improve the quality of life of the person living in that space. It can be used to improve ones’ health, finances, love life, relationships, career etc. 

I was recently contacted by a lady who was going through a rough time at work, due to office politics. She was quite disheartened with the whole situation and was at her wits end. She was unable to understand why all of a sudden everything was going wrong at work. Her friends and colleagues were ignoring her. She was feeling quite alienated and was keen to try Feng Shui to see if it would help her. 

We caught up for a chat and after getting all the details I got busy preparing her file. Once the file/information was ready, I went to her house and explained everything to her. Even though my main priority was fixing her immediate problem i.e. the work situation, I worked on improving all aspects of her life, i.e. health, wealth, relationships, success etc.

After explaining how everything worked and all that she needed to do, I gave her a few weeks time to apply my suggestions. We were in touch through that period and I answered her queries and clarified any doubts that came up. When we apply Feng Shui, we use five elements to enhance the good directions and subdue the bad directions. These five elements include, wood, fire, earth, metal and water. These cures start working as soon as they are placed in the right direction. When a client says that they haven’t really felt any difference after applying my recommendations, that is a clear indication to me that they haven’t actually applied the cures I had suggested. I do suggest to keep your eyes and ears open when you place the cures, so that you notice the improvement/positive change taking place. There will be times when you think that it is merely a coincidence but trust me, it is Feng Shui at work and giving you a sign.

I caught up with my client for a coffee, after about a few weeks, to see how things were going. I was very keen to hear what she had to say about her work situation and her life in general. She was looking happy and relaxed, which was a good sign. After the initial pleasantries we got talking about her work. She said that she was really amazed at the improvement in her work environment. She had applied most of the cures at work and at home, and the results were amazing. Her friends were actually making an effort to talk to her again. Her colleagues were being nice to her too. She said her boss had been in touch with her recently and was very happy with her work. She was looking forward to going away to the Head Office to help out with their staff issues. I was very happy to hear that things were improving for her and that she was satisfied with the results. 

I love hearing success stories from my clients. It gives me a boost of confidence every time. And it makes me even more committed to improving my knowledge of Feng Shui so that I can help others improve their lives. Here’s to more success stories and more happy clients. 

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