Tapping into different directions for success

Tapping into different directions for different kinds of success

Different directions have a different meaning for every person and bring a different kind of luck for each person based on their date of birth. So if you are looking at improving a particular aspect of your life then you can focus on that direction and activate it.

  • If you are looking at improving your success at work then you should face your Sheng Chi or Success direction. You can face this direction when you are negotiating terms in important meetings too.
  • If you are taking exams or studying for exams, then you should try and face your Fu Wei or the Personal Development direction. 
  • If you are looking at improving your love life, then face your Nien Yen or Romance direction. 
  • For improving your health sit or sleep facing your Tien Yi or health direction.

I will share my earlier post from Facebook on how to calculate your Kua number, and how to find your good and bad directions, based on your Kua number. Once you have your Kua Number, you can then work out your directions. Memorise your good directions and then all you have to do to activate them, is to face one of your good direction. Use a good compass to work out all the directions in your house, office and business as well. You can use a normal Western compass or a Feng Shui compass too.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you do not need to flip the directions if you live in the ‘Southern Hemisphere’. All the directions work in the same way, be it the Northern Hemisphere or the Southern Hemisphere. So if your Success direction is ‘South’ then just find the ‘South’ of your Office or room, and face it to activate your Success Luck. 

Remember that Feng Shui starts working the moment you start applying it. If you want to change your life around then find your good directions and start applying them from today and see your luck improve. 
Good luck 🙂

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