Broken relationships and Feng Shui

Feng Shui Tip: Relationship problems and Feng shui
Broken relationships and marriages are usually caused by bad Feng shui of a home. Bad relations and quarrels are indicators of disharmony in the environment, especially in the bedroom. These occur due to the effect of the space we live in and the intangible energy of the bad flying star numbers. Even if you do not know much about Feng shui and just follow the suggestions given here, you will be able to improve your relationship with your spouse, your family, and friends. There are certain taboos one needs to follow to avoid bad relationships.

  • Mirrors in the bedroom are considered to lead to a third party in the relationship. A mirror facing the bed directly is considered the most dangerous and should be removed. If you cannot remove the mirror then make sure you cover it up with a curtain or a screen at night time.
  • Do not have water in the bedroom as it is considered a major taboo in Feng shui. If you have an aquarium or even a painting of water, especially above the bed head, it will cause lots of problems for the couple. It is advisable to move them to another room straight away.
  • Be aware of clutter in the bedroom. Space Feng shui has a direct effect on relationships. Do ensure that your bedroom is free from clutter, around the room and under the bed as well.
  • Protect the bed from being hit by any sharp corners or shelves, as it will affect the couple negatively, over time. Cover up sharp corners with curtains or you could hang a crystal at the top of the corner.
  • Space clearing regularly with a singing bowl or a bell will help get rid of any negative energy that is lingering in the space and will help improve relationships. 

When relationships go sour there is usually a lot of anger, frustration and unhappiness. If you are in a situation where your relationship has already broken, then you should throughly cleanse your home to remove all the lingering negative energy. A thorough space cleansing will help get rid of the negative energy and will bring positive energy to the space and hence to your life. Take extra care to change the energy of the bedroom. You can paint the room again, change the sheets and curtains to get rid of the lingering negative energy. Creating new energy will help create a new future for you. 

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