Plants as Wealth energisers

We all know that when we sow a plant, it grows. Plants bring a sense of happiness to their surroundings and cleanse the air too. According to Feng Shui, plants represent growth energy. So when you place a plant in the right corner of your home or office, it creates growth energy for your business. 

If you remember, I talked about the different directions and how they have a certain life aspiration attached to it, in an earlier post. Here is a quick reminder for those who might have missed that post.

  • East stands for Health luck, 
  • Southeast for Wealth luck, 
  • South for Fame and recognition luck, 
  • Southwest for Relationship and love luck, plus it is the Mother’s corner, thus, a very important corner of the house,
  • West is for Children’s luck, 
  • Northwest is the corner of the Father, thus,another  very important corner, 
  • North stands for Career luck and 
  • Northeast is the corner for Education luck.

Now, depending on the kind of luck you are looking at improving, you can activate each corner and get that kind of luck. 

So, if you are looking at improving your wealth luck, then place a healthy plant in the Southeast corner of your room. Do make sure that the plant is healthy and has rounded, broad leaves. Do not place plants with sharp leaves or thorns in this corner, as it will send out negative energy to the residents of the house, and will negatively affect the finances as well. Take good care of your plants. Healthy plants suggest healthy residents and when placed in the Southeast, suggests healthy finances. Some examples of plants that can be placed in the Southeast are, Jade plant, Money plant, and different kinds of succulents. 

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