The Mystic Knot

The Mystic Knot is a very popular symbol used in Feng Shui. You might have seen the mystic knot used in tassels, carved on furniture, painted on decorative vases etc. They act as powerful energisers for all the cures used in Feng Shui. In general, the mystic knot symbolises a good, long and happy life. It is also known as the endless knot or the lucky knot.  

The mystic knot is also known as the Love Knot and is symbolic of endless love. This symbol represents a long, loving relationship with your loved one, without any setbacks or separation. If you are looking at improving your relationship with your spouse or partner, then this is a good symbol to display in your bedroom. 

The mystic knot can be used anywhere in the home, as it brings along with it, harmonious energies, which create the feeling of security, being loved and endless happiness.

Have a lovely day. 

Shelly Singh💕

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