Flow of river

Do you live near a river?

And if you do, does the river flow past your front door?

The flow of the river can bring you loads of prosperity or it can create situations that take your money away.

Believe it or not but the direction or orientation of your front door and the flow of the river has a direct effect on the amount of money you are making or accumulating.

Now, if your house or main door faces one of the four cardinal directions, i.e. North, South, East or West, then the flow of the river should be from left to right.

And if your house faces one of the secondary directions, i.e. Northwest, Southwest, Northeast or Southeast, then the flow of the river should be from right to left.

Let’s see how the flow of river or water can effect a person in real life by using a real life example.

I visited a friend in Melbourne a while ago. They had moved around 6 months ago and she felt that since their move into this new house they were having health issues and financial problems as well.

Money seemed to be going out the door all the time. Even though her husband had a good job and they had investment properties, there seemed to be too many things going wrong and they were spending a lot of money to sort things out.

Her health had been suffering as well and she was struggling with getting back to her normal self.

Now the good thing was that my friend was aware of how the Feng Shui of the house could create problems in an individual’s life. She contacted me and I organised a trip to see them.

Their house was on a beautiful spot and they had a full view of the Yarra river. She had bought the house because of its close proximity to water. When you have a view of water from your house it usually suggests an increase in your income or wealth. So what was going wrong here?

The flow of river was causing the problem.

Their house was facing West, which is one of the cardinal directions, and for this direction the flow of water should be from left to right. And in this case, the Yarra was flowing from the right to left, so instead of bringing wealth to the residents of the house it was actually taking money away.

I suggested covering up the view of the river, which was a shame, as they had rented the place because of the view of water, but then it was toss between the view or their financial situation. They obviously chose the second option and soon enough they felt the improvement in their financial situation.

The health issue was being caused by a negative star in their bedroom. So I suggested moving to another bedroom for a while to see if her health improved, and it did.

They have since moved out of that house.

Keep this tip in mind if you are looking to buy or rent a property near a river.

If you are looking for a house then do make an effort to get a Feng Shui Consultant in to have a look at the house. It will be so worth your time and money.

When you buy a house using Feng Shui your life keeps getting better with every passing year.

For those who are already living in a house and have no plans to move, please do not despair. Feng Shui is a very versatile philosophy and we can use it to improve your life wherever you are living. Our immediate space i.e. our home, can create a whole lot of situations in our lives. The best part about Feng Shui is that it can be used in every house and helps alleviate the ongoing issues very quickly.

If you feel you need some boost in your personal luck then get in touch with me and watch your dream life become a reality.

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