Placement of stove in the kitchen

The placement of the stove and kitchen holds an important place in Feng Shui. There are certain taboos related to their placement. The stove/kitchen represent the Fire element and when placed in certain sectors, the Fire element can negatively affect that corner and hence, the aspiration related to the corner gets effected as well.

One of the directions that should not have a stove or kitchen is the Northwest. Try and avoid placing the kitchen in the Northwest of the house. Another thing to keep in mind is that the placement of the stove in the kitchen should not be in the Northwest corner either.

You have to keep the big Tai chi and small Tai chi of your house in mind as well. Big Tai chi means your whole house and small Tai chi refers to individual rooms. So, when you start taking directions, make sure you work out the big Tai chi of the house as well as the small Tai chi of every room. You will find that the directions will vary a little bit for every room. The best way to find out the directions is to stand in the middle of each room, with a compass in your hand, held at waist level, and then work out the direction for that room. Once you have worked out the directions for every room you will then be able to see where each direction sits in individual rooms. With this information you can check your kitchen and check the direction of the stove as well.

If you have already bought a house and it has a stove in the Northwest, then you can diminish it’s negative impact by using black/blue in the decor or by placing a bowl of water in the Northwest. You can also try and cover the stove when it is not in use.

You can also move the stove away from the Northwest corner, if possible, to either the Northeast or the Southwest part of the kitchen. If it is not possible to place it in the said directions, then just try and move it away from the Northwest part of the kitchen.

Having a stove or the kitchen in the Northwest can create bad luck for the Patriarch/head of the family. It can also lead to loss of wealth.

This taboo is taken very seriously by all Feng Shui practitioners.

You can check the position of the stove or the kitchen in your house by using a good compass. If you find your stove/kitchen is in the Northwest then you can follow the tips mentioned above and minimise it’s negative effects.

You need to remember that Feng Shui is very versatile and easy to apply, and we can create a wonderful life by following the simple tips for any problem.

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