4 Feng Shui Tips and remedies for the Kitchen

We use our kitchen almost everyday of our life. Keeping the kitchen clean and tidy is one of the basic requirement for good health.

If you are thinking of building a house or just want to upgrade your kitchen then you need to keep certain Feng Shui taboos in mind.

1). The sink or the refrigerator should not be placed directly opposite or right next to the stove as this creates a clash of elements. The sink and refrigerator represent the water element and the stove represents the fire element.

Remedy: If your kitchen has this problem then you can minimise its effect by placing a healthy green plant between them or by placing a barrier of some sort in front of them.

2). Avoid having too much red in your kitchen as the fire energy becomes too strong here. If you remember, we have talked about using less red colour (which represents fire energy) anywhere in the house because fire energy is very strong intrinsically and having too much red can make it go out of control.

Remedy: If your kitchen has red tiles or cupboards then you can subdue its effect by having black bench tops or by placing a bowl of water in the kitchen.

3). Do not build your kitchen in the Northwest of your house. Northwest is considered the gateway to heaven and having the kitchen there suggests having fire at heaven’s gate. Avoid placing the cooktop or stove in the Northwest corner of the kitchen too, for the same reasons discussed above. A kitchen in the Northwest will negatively effect the father/patriarch of the hose as well.

Remedy: If you have a kitchen in the Northwest then place a bowl of water there or use black bench tops. You can make sure that your stove is not in the Northwest corner of the kitchen. If you do have the stove in the Northwest then make sure to move it away, to another part of the bench top.

4). Avoid placing the kitchen in the centre of the house.

Remedy: If you have a kitchen in the middle of the house then avoid cooking over a naked flame or use the oven more than the cooktop.

If you are thinking of renovating or building then make sure you keep these tips in mind.

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Flow of river

Do you live near a river?

And if you do, does the river flow past your front door?

The flow of the river can bring you loads of prosperity or it can create situations that take your money away.

Believe it or not but the direction or orientation of your front door and the flow of the river has a direct effect on the amount of money you are making or accumulating.

Now, if your house or main door faces one of the four cardinal directions, i.e. North, South, East or West, then the flow of the river should be from left to right.

And if your house faces one of the secondary directions, i.e. Northwest, Southwest, Northeast or Southeast, then the flow of the river should be from right to left.

Let’s see how the flow of river or water can effect a person in real life by using a real life example.

I visited a friend in Melbourne a while ago. They had moved around 6 months ago and she felt that since their move into this new house they were having health issues and financial problems as well.

Money seemed to be going out the door all the time. Even though her husband had a good job and they had investment properties, there seemed to be too many things going wrong and they were spending a lot of money to sort things out.

Her health had been suffering as well and she was struggling with getting back to her normal self.

Now the good thing was that my friend was aware of how the Feng Shui of the house could create problems in an individual’s life. She contacted me and I organised a trip to see them.

Their house was on a beautiful spot and they had a full view of the Yarra river. She had bought the house because of its close proximity to water. When you have a view of water from your house it usually suggests an increase in your income or wealth. So what was going wrong here?

The flow of river was causing the problem.

Their house was facing West, which is one of the cardinal directions, and for this direction the flow of water should be from left to right. And in this case, the Yarra was flowing from the right to left, so instead of bringing wealth to the residents of the house it was actually taking money away.

I suggested covering up the view of the river, which was a shame, as they had rented the place because of the view of water, but then it was toss between the view or their financial situation. They obviously chose the second option and soon enough they felt the improvement in their financial situation.

The health issue was being caused by a negative star in their bedroom. So I suggested moving to another bedroom for a while to see if her health improved, and it did.

They have since moved out of that house.

Keep this tip in mind if you are looking to buy or rent a property near a river.

If you are looking for a house then do make an effort to get a Feng Shui Consultant in to have a look at the house. It will be so worth your time and money.

When you buy a house using Feng Shui your life keeps getting better with every passing year.

For those who are already living in a house and have no plans to move, please do not despair. Feng Shui is a very versatile philosophy and we can use it to improve your life wherever you are living. Our immediate space i.e. our home, can create a whole lot of situations in our lives. The best part about Feng Shui is that it can be used in every house and helps alleviate the ongoing issues very quickly.

If you feel you need some boost in your personal luck then get in touch with me and watch your dream life become a reality.

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Until next time.

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Paht Chee, Bazi or Birth chart readings!!!

Do you know that your date of birth and your time of birth can tell us a lot about how your life is going to pan out?

Most of us have heard of astrology in one form or the other. Some examples of birth chart readings include, Hindu Astrology, Tibetan Astrology, Chinese’s Astrology, Western Astrology or Sun signs, etc. Growing up in India meant that I heard about Indian Astrology too. There used to be weekly horoscopes in the newspaper and on Television as well. My parents never really consulted any astrologers but I was always intrigued by it. My Dad enjoyed reading about astrology and how the stars and their position affected people.

While growing up we were curious to learn about our future, so we used to get together with friends and go to an astrologer for fun. The basic criteria of finding a good astrologer was based on word of mouth. Friends would tell others about how accurate this particular astrologer was, and the others would go and try him out. Out of the ones that I visited only a few were accurate and that too not all the time. I came across one astrologer, again through word of mouth, and found her very accurate, every time. I have stayed in touch with her over the years and her recommendations and suggestions have been very accurate. I was in awe of her and always found it fascinating how she could look at the birth chart and tell us so many things. I had secretly hoped to learn from her and my dream came true at the beginning of this year when I got the opportunity to learn from her. I am still in the midst of mastering the principles she taught me. As you all know I am a Feng Shui Master Consultant. I did my training under Lillian Too, in Malaysia, and passed with a distinction. I have also studied Paht Chee or Birth Chart Reading through Lillian Too’s online course.

Astrology in any form, be it Paht Chee/Birth Chart readings, or Indian astrology, helps us understand our situation and the reason behind it. By looking at a birth chart, an experienced person will be able to tell you about your personality traits and characteristics. They can see when a person will have to deal with problems in life and can suggest remedies to protect them. By using the birth chart readings you can be forewarned about the time period in your life when you might have to take extra care or about the years when you should go all out and achieve anything you want in life.

Not every person who can read the birth charts is good at it. Reading the charts involves a lot of interpretations. Once you understand how certain stars affect your personal chart, you then have to work out remedies that you can suggest remedies to fix the problem. Like Feng Shui, the birth chart readings have to be understood by keeping in mind the various layers of interpretations that come into play. The best part about these philosophies is that they help us improve our lives by providing solutions to fix problems, which helps us enjoy life without having the dips or lows, which one would otherwise experience.

Feng Shui and astrology work hand in hand. When you start using one or the other, you see a vast improvement in your luck. We use Feng Shui tips and remedies to fix a lot of problems which we see in the birth charts.If you have been trying to improve your life and just haven’t reached the point where you can look at your life and think that Life is good, then you definitely need to give both Feng Shui and Paht Chee a go.

When you get your Birth Chart reading or Feng Shui done, you get all the recommendations and solutions you need to apply, to make sure that your life is smooth and that it keeps improving with every passing year.

Call now and book an appointment for your Birth Chart reading or Feng Shui Consultation and start your journey to a better future today.

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Take care of your future by bringing the changes in your life now and enjoy watching it unfold in front of your eyes.

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What do you have on your desk ?

Do you run a Business? Are you an Entrepreneur? Are you the CEO of a company? If you answered yes to any of the above then you would be busy organising your day around your work. Our lives seem to get more and more busy with each passing day.

When you are busy you don’t have time to pay attention to the state of your office or desk. You have deadlines to meet and meetings to attend. In such a scenario it is very easy to fall into the habit of leaving stuff all over the desk and not bothering to clean it.

You might need the paperwork again through the day and it would make sense to leave those files on the table, right?

And you might say that it is an organised chaos and you know exactly where each file or piece of paper is, so even though it might look messy, it still works for you.

I am not refuting the fact that you actually know where all your important paperwork is. The only reason I am bringing this up is to make you understand the implications of having clutter on your desk, be it at work or at home.

Having all your paperwork on your table can actually induce a sense of anxiety and stress in a person. Putting the files in an order instantly creates a sense of peace and control. It makes life easier and helps you become more organised and accomplish more.

When you have files piled up right in front of you, you will find that you are unable to reach your goals and you come across hurdles in everything you do. All the paperwork in front of you creates blockages to your success. If you do have lots of files on your desk then make sure you place them neatly on one side of the desk so that you have clear access to the desk and you have a clear view of the area in front of you. You could also invest in a filing cabinet or drawers to keep your desk clean.

The adage, “What you see is what you get” is so true in our day to day life. If there is clutter and chaos on your desk then chances are that you are encountering chaos and roadblocks in your efforts to finish the job at hand. Do make an effort to clean your desk regularly, even if it means giving it a quick wipe and putting the books and files back on the desk. Keeping your desk clean will help you keep your mind clear and help you in making better decisions and hence improve your career/business too.

By following this Feng Shui tip you will not only improve your productivity, but your general health and well-being too.

Feng Shui can help you reach new heights. If you are ready to change your life thentake action now & get in touch with me and watch all your dreams become a reality.

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10 steps to improve Business and Career luck

I was recently going through the list of people who had liked my Blog (and have a blog of their own), planning to have a look at what they were talking about, and thanking them by reciprocating and liking their blog.

I was surprised to see that a few of these blogs had been shut down. It is always sad to see businesses shut down due to lack of clients or because it just isn’t viable financially.

I would like to use my Feng Shui perspective to this situation and explain how we can turn things around.

If you remember, every individual has three kinds of luck:

  • Destiny luck
  • Mankind luck and
  • Earth luck

Destiny luck is the luck you are born with. There are quite a few different sciences explaining the birth charts and offering remedies to fix problems that your birth chart might have. This luck constitutes 1/3rd of our luck.

Mankind luck is the luck you create yourself. Do you work hard or give up easily? Your attitude towards life can define your future. This luck is another 1/3rd of the total luck.

Earth luck is the luck associated with Feng Shui. The space where you live and spend a lot of time will have a direct effect on your luck and well-being. This is the last 1/3rd of the luck equation.

Now lets see how we can use the above equation to improve one’s business and career luck.

If you are working hard to make your business/career successful then Mankind luck is already in play. But sometimes being hardworking is just not enough. Destiny can rear it’s head and create problems or the Feng Shui of the house or office where the person lives in or works from, can create hurdles to their success.

There are a lot of things one can do to make sure their business/career keeps improving and generates more money for an improved lifestyle.

In this day and age financial success is a necessity. Some of the steps shared here are common sense but we get so busy trying to make our business/career a success that we forget to apply those steps. We get busy trying to do everything ourselves, resulting in wasted time and effort, as well as money, as we do not get the results we were hoping for. It is best to get professional help for things we don’t understand. I must admit I am equally guilty of doing so with my website and have finally realised that I need a professional to help me improve my chances of offering all that I want to offer all of you. Better late than never 😉

So here is the list of 10 steps you can take now to improve your business and career luck.

  • Dream big – If you don’t have dreams then you won’t get anywhere
  • Visualise – Create a mental picture of your future and think about it on a regular basis
  • Stay positive – Your mindset is an important part of your life and can make or break your life, so stay positive
  • Mind your language – Use positive language most of the time
  • Shift your focus – When you focus on good thoughts, good things come to you, likewise, when you focus on negative things, negative things come to you
  • Keep doing what you are doing – Commitment is key
  • Invest in yourself – Learn more about your trade/career and improve your chances of success by getting professional help
  • Get Feng Shui on your side – If you have been reading my tips and haven’t put them into practice, then start applying them today. The tips might seem too simple but trust me they work and you will see your life improving very quickly. The space we live influences our health, relationships, success and happiness
  • Apply the Yearly Feng Shui cures in your home and office to stay safe every year
  • Get a Paht Chee reading (Chinese Birth Chart reading) done as well, to fix the 1/3rd of your destiny luck. Once you know your good years and bad years/times then you can take steps to fix the problems and enhance the good luck even more.

Once you start following these tips and start applying the Feng Shui cures you will find that your life will start becoming smoother and happier. You will get success more easily and you will have more time to do what you enjoy. Your luck will change forever.

If you think you are ready for a better life then get in touch with a professional Feng Shui Consultant and talk to them today.

Every person likes to have financial security and peace of mind, and to achieve it they invest money, either in fixed deposits or buy an investment property, to secure their future.

I would suggest to invest in Feng Shui today and watch your future blossom in front of your eyes. It won’t be long before you will be able to buy investment properties, travel the world and enjoy life to the full.

Call now and book your appointment and watch your dreams become a reality.

Here’s to a brighter and better future for all of you.

Take care.

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Free tickets for Feng Shui Workshops

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Walk-in Consultations!!!

Hey everyone.

Hope you are having a lovely day.

Do you live in Canberra region? If you do then this one is especially for you.

I would like to let you know that I am offering walk-in Consultations to people who would like to learn more about Feng Shui and how it can help fix the problems you might be facing in life.

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A round table conference?

Feng Shui tip for improving business

This Feng Shui Tip is for all those who own a business or work in offices where meetings are held on a regular basis.

Circular or round tables are the best shaped tables to hold meetings as they allow the energy to flow smoothly and harmoniously around the table, helping achieve more cooperation among staff members. It also brings lucky outcomes for the decisions made, especially decisions regarding increasing sales and marketing opportunities.

So yes!!! Go for a round table conference instead of a rectangular one 😉

If you have a square or rectangular table at work then make sure you do not sit at the corner of the table. Any pointed/sharp edge or corner will send out negative energy towards you. You can easily fix this problem by moving your chair slightly, so that you are not sitting right in front of the edge of the table.

(Picture courtesy Wayfair.com)

Have a lovely weekend.


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