Paht Chee, Bazi or Birth chart readings!!!

Do you know that your date of birth and your time of birth can tell us a lot about how your life is going to pan out?

Most of us have heard of astrology in one form or the other. Some examples of birth chart readings include, Hindu Astrology, Tibetan Astrology, Chinese’s Astrology, Western Astrology or Sun signs, etc. Growing up in India meant that I heard about Indian Astrology too. There used to be weekly horoscopes in the newspaper and on Television as well. My parents never really consulted any astrologers but I was always intrigued by it. My Dad enjoyed reading about astrology and how the stars and their position affected people.

While growing up we were curious to learn about our future, so we used to get together with friends and go to an astrologer for fun. The basic criteria of finding a good astrologer was based on word of mouth. Friends would tell others about how accurate this particular astrologer was, and the others would go and try him out. Out of the ones that I visited only a few were accurate and that too not all the time. I came across one astrologer, again through word of mouth, and found her very accurate, every time. I have stayed in touch with her over the years and her recommendations and suggestions have been very accurate. I was in awe of her and always found it fascinating how she could look at the birth chart and tell us so many things. I had secretly hoped to learn from her and my dream came true at the beginning of this year when I got the opportunity to learn from her. I am still in the midst of mastering the principles she taught me. As you all know I am a Feng Shui Master Consultant. I did my training under Lillian Too, in Malaysia, and passed with a distinction. I have also studied Paht Chee or Birth Chart Reading through Lillian Too’s online course.

Astrology in any form, be it Paht Chee/Birth Chart readings, or Indian astrology, helps us understand our situation and the reason behind it. By looking at a birth chart, an experienced person will be able to tell you about your personality traits and characteristics. They can see when a person will have to deal with problems in life and can suggest remedies to protect them. By using the birth chart readings you can be forewarned about the time period in your life when you might have to take extra care or about the years when you should go all out and achieve anything you want in life.

Not every person who can read the birth charts is good at it. Reading the charts involves a lot of interpretations. Once you understand how certain stars affect your personal chart, you then have to work out remedies that you can suggest remedies to fix the problem. Like Feng Shui, the birth chart readings have to be understood by keeping in mind the various layers of interpretations that come into play. The best part about these philosophies is that they help us improve our lives by providing solutions to fix problems, which helps us enjoy life without having the dips or lows, which one would otherwise experience.

Feng Shui and astrology work hand in hand. When you start using one or the other, you see a vast improvement in your luck. We use Feng Shui tips and remedies to fix a lot of problems which we see in the birth charts.If you have been trying to improve your life and just haven’t reached the point where you can look at your life and think that Life is good, then you definitely need to give both Feng Shui and Paht Chee a go.

When you get your Birth Chart reading or Feng Shui done, you get all the recommendations and solutions you need to apply, to make sure that your life is smooth and that it keeps improving with every passing year.

Call now and book an appointment for your Birth Chart reading or Feng Shui Consultation and start your journey to a better future today.

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Take care of your future by bringing the changes in your life now and enjoy watching it unfold in front of your eyes.

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