Auspicious and inauspicious directions based on Kua number 

Feng Shui Tip: Auspicious and Inauspicious directions based on your Kua number.

I am hoping that by now all of you have worked out your Kua number. So let’s go deeper and see which directions are good for you, which direction brings you success, health, love, and personal development, and which directions to avoid. Once you know all your good directions try and face one of them all the time. If you are looking at improving your health then you should face your health direction most of the time, if it is love you are looking for then face your love direction while working, eating etc. Remember that Feng Shui is all about energy. When you face your good direction it brings good energy to you. Likewise, try and avoid your bad or inauspicious directions as they bring bad energy to you. 

The first four directions in the chart below are the good/auspicious directions for each Kua number and the last four are the inauspicious directions. Try and avoid facing any of your bad directions. If you are stuck and have no choice then you can face the bad luck direction, as it is the least harmful out of the four. As you can see the last one, the total loss direction, is the worst direction and one should avoid facing it at all cost.

By just following these simple steps you will be able to improve your overall luck as well as health, relationships and personal development. There is one thing that you need to keep in mind though. Every year the stars move. Some stars bring good luck with them, like wealth, romance luck etc., and some of them bring bad luck, like ill health, relationship problems etc. We usually recommend not to face the direction which has the negative star, even if it is your success direction. You have three other good directions to use in such a situation. For example, in 2017, South has the Five Yellows, a negative star and is not a good direction to face. So if your Kua number is 3 and your success direction is South, I would recommend facing either North, Southeast or East direction instead. Feng Shui needs to be updated yearly as every year the stars move and depending on their character, they bring good or bad energies to every direction. Once you understand this, you can apply the yearly cures, (which I will be sharing with all of you soon), and stay safe even in the face of adversity. 

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