Feng Shui Tip: Wind chimes for career luck

Using Wind chimes for career luck

Wind chimes are used in a variety of ways in Feng shui. They are used as ‘Enhancers’ to activate the good sectors, and as ‘Cures’ to subdue negative sectors as well as negative flying stars, especially the illness stars.

If you are looking at improving or enhancing your career luck then place an all metal wind chime in the North corner of your house. It will help advance your career by attracting auspicious energy/chi to the career corner. Make sure that the wind chimes you chose are made of all metal and have hollow rods, which allows the energy to be channelled properly, and transforms the negative energy to positive energy. If you find it hard to find an all metal wind chime then you can opt for one which has all metal rods and a bit of wood in the middle. 

The number of rods are of significance too. The best numbers to have are one, six or eight. Hang the wind chimes in an area which catches the breeze and makes them tinkle. 



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