Feng Shui Courses

I am very pleased to inform everyone that I will be offering Feng Shui Courses/Classes very soon. 

If you have been thinking of learning this ancient Chinese practice of improving your luck, by balancing your space and bringing amazing improvement in the quality of your life, then this course is for you. 

For more information, send me an email with expression of interest at – shellysingh168@gmail.com and I will keep you updated with all the latest information regarding Courses being offered, Workshops being held and any upcoming seminars. Please feel free to write to me if you have any questions regarding Feng Shui. 

Look forward to your emails. 

Warm regards

Shelly Singh

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Link to my Facebook LIVE session on ‘Health and Feng Shui’

Thank you to all those who joined me for my LIVE Facebook session on ‘Health and Feng Shui’. 

If you missed the Live session, you can still access it on Facebook. Look for my page on Facebook, Blooming Mushroom International Feng Shui (@bloomingmushroom) and look for the Video. 

Here is the link to the Video: 

All you have to do is click on the link and it will take you to the video.

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If you have any questions please feel free to send it to me on shellysingh168@gmail.com


Shelly Singh ๐Ÿ’•

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