Good Fortune Flowers

Almost all flowers are considered auspicious in Feng Shui, as they bring auspicious energy as well as growth luck to a home. If you want to plant Roses in your garden, then try and go for the ones which are thornless, as flowers with thorns and prickles aren’t considered lucky, as they send out negative energy to the residents. You can use plants with thorns near the fence or wall of your home, that way they act as protective plants for the house. You can use a variety of flowering plants in your garden and activate various directions by using different colours. 

Some of the popular flowers in Feng Shui are: Magnolias, Chrysanthemums, Plum Blossom, Hyacinths, Peony and Lotus. Magnolias represent feminine grace and beauty. They also represent marital happiness and are considered a symbol of purity. They are considered auspicious for wedding bouquets due to their symbolic meaning. 

If you do not have room to grow real flowers, you can display artificial flowers instead. If  you are using artificial flowers just make sure to keep them clean and change them when they start to fade. 

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