Clearing your personal space using Feng Shui rituals. 

There are a lot of different ways in which we can cleanse our personal space. If you feel uncomfortable in your home and feel that your space has negative energy, then you need to make sure that you use one of the method you feel comfortable with, to clear the energy of your home. You don’t have to wait for Spring, to get into some spring cleaning. Make it a habit to clear your space of all negative and stale energy regularly, by moving things around and by keeping the space clear of clutter. 

One of the easiest and cheapest way of improving the quality of the energy of your home is by using sunshine. The yang energy of the Sun helps get rid of the stale, yin energy and activates the room with positive energy. You can open up all the doors and windows and let the bright sunshine in, this not only awakens the dead energy of the room, but brings in good luck too. 

The best time to this space clearing is in the morning, before the sun gets too strong, especially in Summer months. In Winter time, you can do this ritual in the afternoon, to ensure that the sunlight is strong enough to make a difference (If you find it hard to follow the time suggested here, then just do it when you can). Another way of using the wonderful energy of the sun is by leaving a bucket of water in the sunlight, for at least three hours, and using this water to mop the floor and wipe the furniture. 

The Sun’s powerful rays can be used for our personal well being as well. If you are feeling low or under the weather, then spend some time in the Sun. Go for a walk or sit down with a good book and soak in the beautiful energy of the Sun. Do make sure you use sun protection while following this ritual. 

When you cleanse your space regularly, you will feel much better, your relationships will improve and things will move in a positive direction.

Here’s to a sunny future for all of you ☀️. 


Shelly Singh 💕

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