Wind chimes in Feng Shui

I love listening to wind chimes and have a beautiful, melodious wind chime near the entrance. I hope you enjoy listening to the chimes as much as I do. 

โ€‹โ€‹Wind chimes are used by Feng Shui practitioners for a number of different reasons. Wind chimes can be used as Feng Shui Enhancers as well as Feng Shui Cures. When placed in the North, wind chimes create auspicious energy which helps with career luck. Wind chimes can be used to create yang energy in places which are too yin. As a Feng Shui cure, wind chimes can be used to fix the negative impact of protruding corners and beams. They can also be used to subdue negative stars like the sickness star and the dreaded five yellows. This year the sickness star is in the Northwest (as discussed in the last post), so you can place an all-metal wind chime in the Northwest of your house or in the Northwest part of your room. The main thing to keep in mind while using wind chimes is that they should be placed in such a way that you do not walk or sit under it. The rods of the wind chimes should be hollow to allow the energy to move through it and thus, reach the intended corner.

We normally suggest placing wind chimes in the West sector of a house, but this year West has the Number 3 Star, which is also known as the Quarrelsome Star. This star can lead to law suits and legal complications. It is best to remove the wind chimes from the West (this year) as the noise will aggravate the negative situation. You can have metal in the West but it should be quiet/still metal instead of moving metal. Metal will help subdue the impact of the Quarrelsome star. 

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