East sector of your home

East is a Wood sector according to Feng Shui and Wood represents growth energy.  When you place Wood and Water in the East of your house you activate the good energy of that sector. Try and place a water feature, like a bubbling water fountain, a pond or a pool in the East of your house to take advantage of the growth energy of this sector. Water produces Wood in the five element cycle and its presence in the East sector helps every family member to benefit from the growth energy. Children will do well in studies, businesses will be successful and the members will achieve new heights.

Try and avoid having too much Metal element in the East sector. East is also the universal direction of health according to Feng Shui. When we place too much Metal here (it could be in the form of a big garden sculpture or decorative objects in the room), we are destroying the Wood element of East, as Metal destroys Wood according to the element cycle. Look around your house or garden and see what you have in the East sector. If you have been going through a lot of health problems, chances are you have inadvertently placed too much Metal in that corner.
Do remember that when we apply Feng Shui, we use a lot of layers and we look at the interaction of the different layers to find a solution to the problem. There could be a lot of ‘other reasons’ for sickness in the house, based on the other layers. The Flying Star chart of the house gives us a clearer and deeper understanding of what might be going on in a person’s life. You will be surprised at the accuracy with which we can tell you what could be going wrong in your life today or over the years, just by looking at the charts applicable to your house. The good news is that we can fix a lot of things (by using Feng Shui and the five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water). Once we apply the right element in the right corner of your living space, we control the impact of the negative stars. 

This might sound too complicated to you and I don’t blame you at all. At times it can be very complicated for me too. Some houses can be quite complex to work with, in which case I have to look deeper and think harder to find a solution. You are better off getting an experienced Feng Shui Consultant in if you have been going through difficult times. You can start applying the basic principles in your home just by following these tips. Once you start, you will definitely feel and see the improvement in your health and overall luck. Don’t wait, start applying these tips today and stay well. As always, feel free to send in your questions or queries to me on shellysingh168@gmail.com.


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