Flowers in Feng Shui

I love having fresh flowers and plants in my home. I grew up with pots and pots full of gorgeous flowers and plants. There were a lot of pots because Dad was in the army and we had to move every few years, and the pots used to go with us on every posting. I still remember the days when Mum used to make beautiful flower arrangements for our house. She had won a lot of prizes for Flower arrangements at the Army Clubs too. She was and still is, an avid gardener. Her plants get a lot of TLC and that is the best thing one can do to create good Feng Shui around the house. 

When we display fresh flowers in our house, we bring vibrant energy into the rooms. Plants and flowers represent growth luck and when we use them around our home or office, it creates growth energy, which helps increase business and work luck. 

You can display fresh flowers or plants in the East or Southeast corner of your home or office. Make sure that the plants are healthy and vibrant. You can move the pots regularly to ensure that they get plenty of sunshine. If you are displaying flowers in your office or home, then make sure you change the water regularly to keep the flowers fresh, and throw out the flowers as soon as they start to show signs of wilting. Artificial flowers can be used too, if you find it too hard to maintain fresh ones. 

Do remember that we do not put flowers or plants in the bedrooms, as it is considered too yang and can create problems with having a restful sleep at night. 

Happy gardening. 


Shelly Singh ๐Ÿ’•

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