Who is responsible for all your problems?

Do you know that ‘You’ are the only person who is responsible for the way your life is going right now. I know it is very hard to accept this fact, as most people usually blame either their destiny, their circumstances and it’s snowball effect, or another person, for what they are going through life. 

‘You’ are the architect of your own life. You not only build your dream life, you also create your own worst nightmare. We do not realise how powerful our thoughts and words can be. Every time we speak, we create an energy blueprint for ourselves. This energy blueprint then helps materialise that kind of luck, whether good or bad. If you think and say positive things, then you will get positive outcomes in life, and likewise, if you think or say negative things, you will get negative outcomes. So what do you need to do to improve your life? It is very simple. You just have to start thinking and speaking in a positive way. I would like you to pay attention to the self talk that goes on in your mind as well. Is it positive and uplifting talk, or is it pulling you down with self doubt?  

Let’s do an exercise together. I would like you to watch your words/thoughts for one day. Just one day. That should be pretty easy, right? What kind of words come out every time you speak? Are they positive or do they lean towards negativity? Let’s take an example. Your child is playing with a ball inside the house. What would your first reaction be? “Stop. Don’t play inside or you will break something.” Is that how you would react too? Now tell me what you think of this statement. Is it a positive statement? As you can see, we tend to use negative words without realising it. If you start checking your words and thoughts and make an effort to use positive language most of the time, then you will be able to create a positive life for yourself. 

I want you to consciously make an effort to focus only on the positives in your life. Think about all the beautiful things you have in your life. It could be anything from your beautiful family, the gift of your life, your lovely home, your parents, children, friends, your job, your health etc. You know, focusing on the positives might sound easy but it is actually quite hard to practice. The moment  life throws a curveball at you, you revert to thinking about the worst that could happen. When you do that, you bring your focus back to the negatives. I know it is hard to look at the positives when you are in the thick of things, but it is all about training your mind. We do start thinking of the worst case scenario when things start going wrong and a lot of people say that they are being practical and realistic. I agree, but I want you to push your practicality out the window, and if need be, become a bit delusional and focus only on the positive. You will find that by focusing on the positives, you get positive outcomes all the time. You do need to remember that you will have to break your age old habits and build new ones. The more you practice this technique in your day to day life, the stronger and more effective it will become. All you have to do is break your old habit, and you will be on the road to success.

    Here’s to a positive change in your life.

    Shelly Singh 💕

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