Wealth Luck in Feng Shui 

Feng Shui can be used very effectively to activate the wealth or prosperity luck. Southeast is the universal wealth direction of every house or building. This sector can be energised by using wood element, which enhances the wealth energy of the home. You can place healthy green plants in the Southeast of your home. This introduces growth energy for the residents of the house, hence bringing more opportunities and increased income as well. You can also place an aquarium (with fish) in the Southeast corner of your home or room. Add a pump to the aquarium so that there is bubbling water, which signifies yang energy. If you are using an aquarium just make sure it is placed on the left hand side of the door, either inside or outside. You can work this out by standing at the door, as if you were about to leave the house and the see whether your water feature is on the left side of the door or it is on the right. We always keep the Feng Shui taboos in mind when applying the activators. 

Wishing all of you lots of prosperity. 


Shelly Singh 💕

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