Hey everyone.

I hope you are having a lovely day. I know I am. I am waiting to catch up with a client and while I wait for them, I am having a quick bite so that I am ready to talk for a while โ˜บ๏ธ.

ave been wondering what goes on in a Feng Shui Consultation, then I will take you through the process very quickly.

  • The first step is to meet with the client (pretty obvious, that one).
  • After the preliminary introduction we get into the details of how Feng Shui works
  • Then I usually ask them if there is any concerns or any areas of their lives that they want me to work on more, keeping in mind that when I do Feng Shui for someone I cover all aspects of life, so if someone says they just want their house Feng Shui’ed that actually covers everything anyway.
  • I ask for some details, like their Date of birth, Time of birth, the house plan etc.
  • Then I make a time to visit their home, (if I am meeting them somewhere else).
  • I then go back and prepare their file with all the information written down for them so that they can go back to it as and when they feel the need.
  • Once the file is ready, I meet up with my clients and explain everything that they need to do.
  • I usually give them a month or so to apply the Feng Shui remedies and then I go back to check that everything is in order.

When you get Feng Shui done through me, you get the peace of mind, knowing that you have my support all through the ups and downs that life might throw at you and that you can get in touch with me and we can fix the problem.

So, these are the basic steps involved in a Feng Shui Consultation. If you have been thinking of finding ways to improve your life and don’t know what to do, then make an appointment with me and watch your dream life become a reality. Remember, you need to take the first step towards your dream for it to actually materialise.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

Take care.

Shelly Singh ๐Ÿ’•

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