Feng Shui is a lot like parenting…

You know, as a parent we take care of all the needs of our children. When they are young we do everything for them, we feed them, bathe them, give them unconditional love, and guide them till they are capable of taking care of themselves.

As a parent we have to be aware of their needs and wants on a regular basis. We invest a lot of our time and effort in our children and this investment of time and energy helps them become well adjusted and happy individuals.

Similarly, in Feng Shui we have to be aware of the needs our home on a regular basis. We have to keep it clean, clear the clutter, water the plants. The list goes on but doing so keeps the home feeling alive and happy.

The energy of your space has a direct effect on your mood, your health and your energy levels.

Every time you walk into a room or a house/building you can actually feel its energy.

So the next time you walk into your home, pause for a moment and feel the energy.

Does it feel alive and happy or do you think it needs being revitalised?

Being aware of the needs of your home will help you keep it alive and vibrant, which in turn will improve your mood, your health and your energy levels as well.

Go ahead, talk to your house and get the sense of it’s mood.

Create a happy space for yourself and your loved ones by taking care of your immediate environment, and watch your life improve.

Here’s to a happy and healthy life for all.

Have a lovely weekend.

Lots of love.

Shelly Singh ๐Ÿ’•

Feng Shui Master Consultant

Canberra, Australia

Email: shellysingh168@gmail.com

Phone: +61 448 468 968


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