Annual Feng Shui Afflictions 2017

It is really important to update the Feng Shui for your house or office at the start of each year. This Year the Chinese New Year starts on the 28th of January 2017. At the start of every year you must take into account the Yearly afflictions. These afflictions can cause a great deal of misfortune, loss and illness. The severity of these afflictions depend on the type of affliction and the sector/direction that it occupies. Their severity also depends on the animal sign luck of every person for that year. It is very easy to overcome the yearly afflictions and can help avoid a lot of misfortune that they bring with them. 

There are three dangerous annual afflictions to take note of every year.

  • The Grand Duke Jupiter also known as Tai Sui, is in the West this year.
  • The Three Killings also known as Sarm Sart, is in the East this year.
  • The Five Yellow also known as Wu Wang, is in the South this year.

It is important to take note of the cures to remedy the yearly afflictions. The best cure, ideally, is to avoid the sectors where these afflictions occur, but if that is not possible then make sure to apply the cures to stay protected for the year. These afflictions have more effect when they are at your front door or in your bedroom. If possible you should avoid using the front door if it is afflicted, because every time you open and close the door, you activate the affliction. If you cannot use another door then make sure you put all the necessary cures in place to reduce the effect of the affliction for that year. It is easy to apply these cures and doing so can protect you from a lot of problems. Better safe than sorry ๐Ÿ’•

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