Feng Shui and Fertility

I was contacted by a client in April 2016. He wanted to see me regarding his wife’s health. He mentioned that he had got my reference through a mutual friend, who felt that they would benefit from having Feng Shui done in their house. 

On meeting them, the couple told me that they had been trying to have a baby for a few years. The wife had fallen pregnant a couple of times but each time it had ended in a miscarriage. She was expecting again and this time they wanted to make sure that everything went well for her and the baby. Talk about pressure. I agreed to have a look at their house and see if there was something wrong with the Feng Shui of their house. After looking at the house and its immediate vicinity, I knew there were a lot of issues that were creating all the problems in their lives. They wanted me to go ahead and prepare my report for them, and were very keen to do anything to make things better this time.

I prepared a full report for them, stating what all they had to do, to ensure the safe arrival of the little one. I did space cleansing for them as well and stayed in touch, making sure that they were following my advice properly. The baby was due in mid November and I had my fingers (and everything else) crossed. Can you imagine the responsibility/stress I felt. I knew that I had done everything I could to help her and was quite positive that everything would go well for them. But somewhere in the background there was a small voice saying, ‘I hope you are right…’.  

I got in touch with her towards the end of November, feeling quite nervous as I hadn’t heard anything from them. After sending the text I waited with bated breath for a reply, again with my fingers crossed, praying and hoping that everything was alright in their beautiful world. After about a week, I received a text from the proud Mum, apologising for not having responded earlier, as she was a bit busy (with her one week old baby). She had delivered a healthy baby boy and both of them were doing well. PHEW…… you cannot imagine the sense of relief and happiness I felt after reading her message. I congratulated her and wished her and the baby well. I haven’t seen the baby yet. I plan to go to their house soon but for the time being, I am just happy that both of them are well, and wish the little one a long, healthy and happy life. God bless 💗. 
Do you know someone who is going through a similar kind of problem? Feel free to get in touch with me to discuss the issues. Feng Shui can make an amazing improvement in your life, be it regarding health, relationships, career, children or wealth issues. 

Don’t wait for your luck to change, change your luck today by applying Feng Shui.

Take care.

Shelly Singh 💕

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