Free Feng Shui Information Session

Have you been thinking of changing your life around? Feng Shui can make it happen and now is the time to take action. 

If you want to learn how Feng Shui can help, then all you have to do is ‘Host a Free Feng Shui Information Session‘. Every person who hosts a Feng Shui Information Session will receive a free gift in the form of a free Birth Chart Reading (Paht Chee). 

In order to qualify ALL you need to do is:

  • Organise an Information Session with me, on 0448 468 968,
  • Get a few friends together, either at home or at a coffee shop,
  • Learn how Feng Shui can improve your wealth, health, relationships etc, and
  • You get your free birth chart reading.

This offer is valid for the month of February and all bookings made this month will qualify for one Free Birth Chart Reading. 

For more information contact me on,

Mobile: 0448 468 968


Facebook: Blooming Mushroom International Feng Shui (@bloomingmushroom)

Look forward to hearing from you soon. 


Shelly ๐Ÿ’• 

#FengShuiCanberra #BirthChartReadingCanberra #ShellySingh #FengShuiAustralia


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