Placement of Television

The best direction for placing a television or music system, according to Feng Shui, is the West or Northwest of a room. By placing them in one of these directions we create precious Yang energy, which enhances creativity, luck of children, the prestige of the Patriarch/man of the house and brings blessings from heaven. You can energise these corners with metal wind chimes or bells. 

While applying Feng Shui tips you do need to be mindful of the yearly taboos. This year we have the Grand Duke of Jupiter in the West and the Quarrelsome Star as well, and I would suggest keeping this area quiet. So for this year I would suggest moving the Television set to a different direction/room or using it sparingly. Do not hang metal wind chimes in the West this year. 

Feng Shui requires us to be aware of our surroundings continually. You should keep rooms energised by cleaning and opening up windows regularly. When you move stuff around and clean the rooms, you refresh the stagnant energy of that room. 

We need to keep the Yearly time changes in mind too and make sure that we apply the right cures and place them in the right direction, to ensure that our life is free from hassles and we enjoy the improvement that Feng Shui creates in our lives. You might find that after you have applied the yearly cures in your home, you don’t feel the need to go any further. But if problems start rearing their heads, then I would suggest applying the monthly cures as well. For a beginner it might seem a little tedious, but for people who have been applying Feng Shui cures regularly, it is quite easy. Once you start understanding the principles of Feng Shui, you will be able to apply the information provided here with ease.

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Wishing you a great day and weekend. 


Shelly Singh ๐Ÿ’•

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