Family Luck and the West

According to Feng Shui, West is the direction for children and creativity, and according to the Later Heaven arrangement, West is considered as the place of happy family. In order to have a happy and strong family, we need to protect and activate the West sector of our home. When we energise and protect the West sector, we not only create the energy of long life for the older members of the family, we also ensure good luck and happiness for the patriarch and matriarch. 

We have talked about the various elements related to each direction and how it helps energise that corner in one of the earlier posts. West direction belongs to the Metal element. The colour related to this direction is white, gold, silver etc. You can activate this corner of your house by placing something made of either Metal or Earth here. You can display Chinese gold coins, or use the currency (gold coins) of your own country and activate this corner. You can display crystal balls here too, as Earth produces Metal in the productive cycle. If you have any wind chimes in this corner, I would recommend taking them off this year, as the Quarrelsome star and the Grand Duke of Jupiter are in the West in 2017, and we need to keep this area quiet. 

By energising the West sector we ensure that the family is happy and healthy, and it stays together. Keep the energy of the west corner of your home fresh by keeping it clean, this ensures that the energy moves smoothly thus creating harmony for all the residents of the home. 

Wishing all of you good relations and happiness. 


Shelly Singh ๐Ÿ’•

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