Colour combinations in Feng Shui 

Feng Shui Tip: Colour combinations

I talked about the use of different colours in different directions, yesterday. When we use these colours in the specific directions, we enhance the energy of the element of that direction. The energy of these elements interact with the environment as well. So when we use colours which are harmonious with each other, we create a harmonious environment, likewise, when the colours are not in harmony with each other, they produce a conflicting effect. 

Here is a list of the harmonious as well as conflicting colour combinations. 

Harmonious colour combinations 

Blue and green – can be used in East and Southest

Green and Red – can be used in South

Red and Yellow – can be used in Southwest and Northeast

Yellow and Metallic colours – can be used in West and Northwest

Metallic colours and Blue – can be used in North

Conflicting colour combinations 

Green and Metallic colours

Red and Blue

Red and Black

Red and Metallic colours

Green and yellow

You can use the auspicious colour combinations in your day to day life. Use it too decorate your home, you can use them while designing your calling card or your pamphlets etc. 

Enjoy playing with colours. 


Shelly Singh 💕

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