Feng Shui of a Garage

Garage is an important part of a house. Most houses usually have a built in garage attached to it. Garage space isn’t considered an important room according to Feng shui, as we do not spend a lot of time there, even though it is a room which we cannot do without in our day to day life. We do use the space on a regular basis. Every time we take our car out or park it in the garage, we are activating the energy. The energy here is more ‘Yang’ than ‘Yin’, but it is unsettled energy. Garages are considered as vacant rooms, which have no Feng Shui substance, no stability. Garages can double up as store rooms as well, in which case it might accumulate clutter over time, and create stagnant energy as well.

Ideally garages should be built away from the house. If you do not have to room to do so, or do not like the idea of having it away from the house, then it should be placed in a sector where there are negative stars ( a Feng shui expert will be able to guide you through during the planning process). If a garage is made in a sector where there are auspicious stars then that would be considered as a waste of lucky space. Every house has certain good areas and certain bad areas, based on the placement of stars. We can use this information to our benefit by placing rooms in those areas where the good stars reside. By doing so we activate the good luck and the residents of that house will find that everything works out really well for them, without much effort on their part.

Let’s look at a house which has a bedroom on the first floor, with the garage underneath the bedroom. Now that you have an understanding about the energy connected to garages in Feng Shui, I would like to ask you a question. Do you think the person sleeping in this bedroom will have good Feng Shui? I think you know the answer will be ‘No’. The room above the garage is considered to be seriously lacking in support. It lacks in good foundation and can lead to restless sleep and health problems.

So how do we remedy this problem? The best solution to this problem would be to move to another room. But what if you do not have a spare room? Well, in that case we can try and improve/strengthen the Feng Shui of the bedroom so that the person sleeping there does not feel the negative effects of the garage as much.

  • We need to create grounding energy in the bedroom which can be done by placing crystals in the bedroom or by using rugs with earthy tones.
  • Keep the bedroom clean at all times.
  • Create a calm and serene atmosphere in the bedroom.
  • Use essential oils to improve the quality of air.
  • Make sure the garage is clutter free. Pack things neatly in boxes and store them nicely.
  • You can leave a light on in the garage overnight to strengthen/energise the space.
  • You can leave a radio on in the garage as well.
  • Take extra care of your health by exercising regularly and eating healthy foods.

The best thing I like about Feng Shui is that there is always a way around a problem. By using the tips we can really improve our situation, without having to take any drastic actions.

If you have any questions regarding any life issues that you might be going through, then get in touch with me by sending your question/query to shellysingh168@gmail.com

And do share these tips with your family and friends too.

Let’s use Feng Shui to improve lives everyday.


Shelly Singh ๐Ÿ’•

Feng Shui Master Consultant

Email: shellysingh168@gmail.com

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