A letter from the heart ❤️

Good morning everyone,

I received this email a few days ago and thought of sharing it with all of you.

Dear Shelly,

I am writing to you because I cannot thank you enough for your help and the magic that you worked with your Feng Shui tips and remedies.

I just have to share my story with others so that people know and realise how Feng Shui can work wonders for them and help them even during the worst crisis of their lives.

My 18 year old daughter was studying in the first year of Medical school in a reputed college overseas. Everything seemed to be running smoothly until that fateful day when my mother-in-law called and told us that  our daughter had gone out in the evening and had not returned.

Our whole world came crashing down. A million thoughts crossed our minds. We flew to be near her and started looking for her. A few days passed but we still had not found her. Then we learnt that she had returned to our home town, thousands of miles away, but she refused to come home, and did not want to talk to her family, without even giving any reasons for the same. That is when a common (and very dear friend) suggested that we seek help from Shelly.

We got in touch with Shelly and told her our story. Shelly asked me to send her some information, which I did right away. After looking into everything, she suggested a few remedies and tips and we followed those promptly.

Within a week of doing as advised by Shelly, our daughter came back home. We were so relieved and happy to have her back. She talked to us and clarified what had been bothering her. Soon after that our daughter went back to her college to continue her degree.

Until now we did not believe in Feng Shui, although we had heard about it. But we could never imagine that Feng Shui could be so effective, it felt almost like magic.

Shelly, we can never thank you enough for your help. You pulled us out of a nightmare. Thanks a ton.

Lots of love,

G xox

I am so glad that my friend found her daughter safe and sound, and that I could help them out in their hour of need.

I am so grateful to my Guru, Lillian Too, for sharing her vast knowledge of Feng Shui and for empowering so many people around the world. It is truly a magical art and I feel so lucky to be able to share the magic with others.

God bless.


Shelly Singh 💕

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