‘Brain power’

Our brain is one of the most powerful creative tool we have. We use it all day without even thinking about it. We think all kinds of thoughts everyday, some happy and some sad. Our thoughts are very powerful and can help attract things we want and they can also attract things we do not want, into our life.

You might ask how it is possible to attract things we do not want? It is very simple. When you fear something and think about it all the time, you attract it to yourself. If you have a fear about a certain thing or about lack of good health or money for example, and you keep talking or thinking about the ‘lack’ all the time, you create that kind of energy and thus, create more lack in your life.

Fear can create a viscous cycle of negative thinking. It can be very difficult to focus on anything else when you are worrying about a certain issue, but the answer to this ‘feeling of lackor ‘fear’ is to shift the focus from ‘lack/fear‘ to being ‘grateful‘ for all that you have. By doing this simple exercise you are shifting the focus from lack. When you consciously start applying this principle in your life you will find your luck changing. You can apply this principle in all aspects of your life, be it your health, happiness, loving partner, loving relationships etc.

Make the shift today and watch your life blossom. If you think you need some help in bringing the shift in your thinking then get in touch with me and I will guide you through it. It is worth making the effort.

Good luck.

Shelly Singh 💕

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