Symbolic Feng Shui at work

Feng Shui Tip: Importance of Symbolic Feng Shui in our daily life 

Applying the principles of Feng Shui in your day to day life can be a lot of fun. I like to experiment with the enhancers and cures, to see what works for me, and suggest the same to my clients. It is amazing how some of the cures work so quickly, while others take a little while, but they work too. Another suggestion that I always give to my clients is to keep their eyes and ears open when applying Feng Shui, so that they can see how things unfold. Most of the time they get the tips and remedies right, but there are times when they might miss a tiny detail and things might not go according to plan. Being aware of what you are placing in your home and for what reason, really helps, as then you can actually go back and fix the problem.

This is a true story of such an incident, where a friend of mine saved herself and her family from a lot of headache, by being aware, and by keeping her eyes and ears open.

I ran into a friend who had got her Feng Shui done around July of last year. I hadn’t seen her for a while and it was nice to catch up. Those of you who know me personally, know that I am always keen to know how things are going. If things are going well, then I am quite happy to stay in the background, but if things are not going well, then I want them to inform me, so that I can help fix it. I do maintain my distance, so as not to intrude too much. So getting back to the story. My friend was happy with how things were going. She did say that she wanted to tell me something!!! I was interested to see what came next…? She asked me what I thought of sunken ships. My instant reaction was ‘Not good Feng Shui’. She said that she thought so too, and said that she saw it’s negative effects first hand. I was all ears by now.

She said that last term her son made a model ship at school and brought it home. He was very happy with his handiwork.  Mum was happy too, as she thought that she could use it as a Wealth ship and place it in the Wealth corner of her home, which she did. That month a lot of their electrical appliances started giving them trouble. The washing machine stopped working, the fridge started giving them problems… She was really perplexed as to why so many things were going wrong all of a sudden. She then thought of all the Feng Shui cures that she had placed and wondered what she had done wrong. She went back to my report to check if she had applied all the cures and enhancers correctly. Everything was in the right place. She then thought of the Wealth ship and asked her son what he had made? To this her son said, “It is a sunken ship, Mum”. He had made a ship that had holes in it and had sunk. As soon as her son said that, she realised what was causing all the recent bad luck. She decided to take the ship out of the house and waited to see if it changed things in any way, and sure enough, the spate of bad luck stopped. She said she was so relieved that the ship wasn’t there anymore and started laughing after telling me the story. I could see that if ever there was an iota of doubt in her mind, regarding the effectiveness of Feng Shui, was totally gone. She had been converted to the Feng Shui way of life, forever.

Do you see how important ‘Symbolic Feng Shui’ can be? When we place any object in our house, it comes with it’s own energy and meaning. A sunken ship means things going wrong drastically, and when that ship was used as a wealth enhancer, instead of improving their wealth luck, it started draining their wealth. You need to be careful of what you display in your home. If you are using a ship as a Wealth enhancer, then always make sure that it is a sailing ship, not a ship with holes or a pirate ship, because it will come with its negative energy, which will then bring that kind of luck to you. Another thing to keep in mind is that the ship should be sailing inwards, symbolically bringing wealth to you. If you are using a Water Feature as a Wealth enhancer, the same principle will apply to it too. Make sure that the spout is facing towards the house, thus, bringing wealth to you.

As you can see, even though symbols might not seem as important, they can actually make a huge difference in your life. Look around your home and see what you have on display. Do the objects make you happy? Do they have any negative meaning/connotations? If they don’t make you happy give them away. If there is a negative connotation attached to any object give it away too. If the object is too precious to you and you cannot think of parting with it, then put it in a cupboard or a box, so that it does not affect you and your immediate space with it’s negative energy.

By using this simple technique of symbolic Feng Shui, you can improve your life immensely. On top of that, when you apply the other layers of Feng Shui, your life starts improving in leaps and bounds. All you need to do is start applying these principles and tips today, and sit back and reap the benefits of this age old science called Feng Shui. And remember, if you are stuck in a negative situation, don’t wait for it to get better. Get in touch with me and I will be more than happy to help improve the situation, by suggesting remedies. Feel free to send me a message now if you have any questions or there is anything troubling you, be it health related, relationship related, wealth related… etc.

If you have seen the marvellous effects of Feng Shui, I would love to hear from you too. Just send me your story and I will share it on my Blog-, and on my Facebook page – @Bloomingmushroom

Until next time.

Take care.

Shelly 💕



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