The Year 2017 is the Year of the Yin Fire Rooster. This year the Chinese New Year starts on the 28th of January, 2017. We need to have all the Feng Shui cures in place by the 4th of February, 2017. 

Every year we suggest placing remedies and cures in different sectors of the house, in order to stay safe from the negative energies of certain stars and to enhance the positive stars. These stars bring positive and negative energy to different sectors of each house, depending on the sector they move to each year. So if Northwest has a negative star this year, that will affect all the Patriarchs and all the people born in the Year of Dog and Boar, as Northwest is their direction according to Feng Shui. Remember, Feng Shui is all about energy. By using the five element cure we can remedy the effects of the negative as well as positive stars and their energies quite successfully. 

Do make sure that you apply your cures and remedies by 4th of February, 2017. The reason we suggest applying the cures before the 4th of February every year is so that when the energies start changing and creating their luck, good or bad, from each direction, they will not be able to harm you and you will stay protected. You can still apply the cures after the 4th of February and any time through the year, but it is always better to have yourself covered beforehand and stay safe, rather than suffer from a misfortune and then try to undo its effects. We usually subdue the negative stars first, and then move on to enhancing the positive stars. 

If you have been applying Feng Shui cures every year and plan to reuse your cures then you need to make sure that you cleanse your cures thoroughly, before using them again this year. As always, before applying the yearly cures, make sure you have decluttered your home. Start with one room at a time, get rid of things you don’t need anymore. Once you have done that, go around the room with a singing bowl or a bell, ringing, in a clockwise direction, till you feel a shift in the energy of the room. Now you are ready to apply the yearly Feng Shui cures. We do recommend changing the cures regularly, especially if they have been used for a couple of years or more, as they tend to lose their strength. If you want to use the old cures, then make sure that you cleanse and re-energise them properly, before using them this year. 

SOUTH IN 2017:

This year, South has the 5 Yellows star. Make sure you keep this area very quiet. If you are planning to renovate this area, then I would suggest postponing it. Place an all metal wind chime in the south. You can also place a Sun and Moon Five element Pagoda or a Triple Five Element Pagoda here to control the 5 Yellows. If you have your bedroom in the South, then it is advisable to move to another room for this year. The Five Yellow brings heart problems this year for those who have their bedroom in the South. Avoid having Fire and Earth element in this sector, as Fire makes the Five Yellow stronger. People born in the Year of the Horse and girls need to take extra care this year. They should carry the Tai Sui Amulet to stay safe. 

The Robbery/Violence star moves to the Southwest in 2017. Keep this area quiet as well. All women and people born in the Year of Sheep and Monkey need to take extra care and should carry the Anti Burglary keychain his year. Place a pair of elephants here to control this star. You can also place a Rhino and Elephant for protection. The Anti Burglary sticker is a must-have here. You can use Water element in this sector as well, either in the form of a water feature or the colours, blue and black. Avoid having too much metal element here.

WEST IN 2017:

West has the Quarrelsome star which can bring quarrels, misunderstandings and legal problems. Keep this area quiet and avoid having major renovations in this corner of your house. Do not have too much wood energy in this sector. Place Fire energy in this corner to subdue the negative effects of this star. Remove wind chimes from the West this year. You can place 9 Deity Invocation Plaque as well as a Bejewelled Eagle here. This star affects the youngest daughter and people born in the year of Rooster. This year the West direction also has the Tai Sui or the Grand Duke Jupiter. Do not face West 2 this year, even if it is your best direction. The Tai Sui gets offended if you face him. You can have your back towards the West.  


The Illness star moves to the Northwest this year. Keep this sector quiet. Reduce Earth and Fire energy here. Place more Metal here. You can use white or metallic colours here too. You can also place a Garuda Wu Lou, or a plain Wu Lou. Compassionate Goddess with powerful Garuda is a good cure for the Northwest this year. All males, Fathers and Grandfathers, and people born in the Year of the Dog and Boar, need to take extra care of their health. If you have your bedroom in the Northwest, then try and move into another room, especially if you are pregnant or elderly. If you have your front door in the Northwest, then try and use another door this year.  

NORTH IN 2017:

North has the Heavenly star this year. Use metal element here in the form of Feng Shui coins or objects made of metal. Earth element is also good in this sector this year. This star brings windfall luck and speculative luck to people born in the Year of Rat and if you have your main door facing North. You can activate this sector with the Star of Heaven Plaque or the Polaris Star as well.


The romance and scholastic star moves to the Northeast this year. This star brings romance luck as well as educational luck. People born in the Year of Ox and Tiger, as well as the youngest sons benefit from this star. You can place a seven level Pagoda or Lohan of Scholastic Brilliance here. If you are looking to get married, then you can place your Peach Blossom animal here for Marriage luck. You can also display the Mandarin ducks or the Double Happiness symbol here, or a happy picture of the husband and wife, to improve relationship and love luck. You can use Wood and Water Element in this sector to activate this star. Do make sure that you do not have too much water in this sector. 

EAST IN 2017:

The Prosperity star is in the East in 2017. People born in the Year of the Rabbit and eldest sons benefit from the money luck this year. East also has the Three Killings this year. Do not sit with your back to East. Try and reduce Wood energy from here. Place more Earth and Fire Element in this sector. 


Southeast has the star of future prosperity. People born in the Year of Snake and Dragon benefit from this star. You can enhance it by placing a water feature in this sector. You can also place a pair of Crimson Phoenix here or use fire element in this sector. 


The Victory star moves to the center of the house this year, thus creating excellent energy which brings victory in career and overall success. Place a water feature here. You can also use Blue and Black decor in the center. Mirrors can be used here too as mirrors represent water element. You can use Metal element here as well. You can also place a Trinity of Horses in the center. Avoid having too much Wood and Earth element in this sector. 

The cures and remedies we use bring balance in our space and help us stay safe. As always make sure you use your common sense while applying the remedies. Use the objects that make you feel happy. If you are not comfortable using the Chinese cures then use the Elemental cure. The reason we use Chinese cures is that they are made specifically to work for a particular star, keeping in mind their energy and intrinsic nature. These cures not only use Elemental Feng Shui, they also use Symbolic as well as Spiritual Feng Shui, which makes them really powerful cures. If you would like to use these cures and need help in getting them, then just get in touch with me and I will organise it for you. 

Feel free to write to me if you have any questions. 

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Here’s to a safe, healthy and happy 2017 to all of you 💖. 

Shelly Singh 💕

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