Career luck 

Feng Shui Tip: Career Luck

If you have been working hard to improve your career luck and are still finding it hard to reach the top of your game, then this Feng Shui Tip is for you. 

To improve your career luck you need to focus on the Noth of your home or office. You can energise the North sector of your home (or office) by placing water element or metal element. You can hang a 6 rod metal wind chime or have a water feature in the North and it will benefit your career luck immensely. The water feature can be in the form of a small electric fountain, a pond with fish in it or a swimming pool. Do remember that the water we use in this sector has to be yang water or moving water. When you have moving water, your career moves forward/upwards too. 

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Wishing you success in your career.


Shelly Singh 💕

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