Pine trees in the garden

Feng Shui Tip: Pine trees 

Pine trees are considered a symbol of good health and long life in Feng Shui. If possible, try and plant a Pine tree in the East corner of your garden. Just having Pine trees in the garden brings good luck to the residents of the house throughout the year. 

You can also use the leaves of the Pine tree as incense. Place some pine leaves on some burning wood or coal, and walk around the house, offering it to the universe/cosmos. This is a simple but powerful ritual which helps remove obstacles in your life. 

You can also grow pine trees at the back of your house, symbolically creating a mountain at the back, symbolising support in your life. 

Feng Shui is very simple to apply, once you understand the basic principles, but at the same time it gets more complex as we go deeper. If you are a layman who has just started out, just follow these tips and you will start seeing the improvement in your life. If you want to turn around your life completely, then get in touch with me and I can guide you through the process with a personal consultation. 

“Don’t wait for your life to change, go out and create it” ~ Shelly Singh

Happy weekend everyone. 


Shelly Singh 💕

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