Pillars in Feng Shui

In Feng Shui we avoid facing anything that is sharp and pointed, and aimed straight at us, as it emits shar chi or negative energy.

I attended a Workshop the other day and the room where it was being held had four square pillars and the chairs were placed in the area between the pillars.

When I walked into the room I instantly started analysing which spot would be a good one to sit in so that the corner of the pillar didn’t hit me directly (figuratively speaking 😊).

When you sit or sleep in front of a pillar with the corner aimed at you, it sends out negative energy. If you have this situation at home or work and you continue sitting in the same spot all the time, then over time you will start feeling the effects of the negative energy that is coming towards you everyday. This can cause health issues and creates general bad luck too.

So what can you do when you have this situation?

Here are some tips to fix the problem.

  • The best thing to do is to try and move your chair so that you are not sitting right in front of the pointed edge/corner of the pillar.
  • You can cover the edge of the pillar by placing a plant there.
  • If you use a real plant it will feel the effects of the corner too so it might be better to use an artificial potted plant instead.
  • You can hang a crystal at the top end of the pillar, near the ceiling, and that will negate the effect of the corner.
  • You can hang something in front of the pillar, like a bird hanging or something else that takes your fancy and cover the edge.
  • Mirrors can also be used to cover up the pillar.

Have a look around your work space and home. If you have a similar situation then do take action straight away. These tips can also be used for situations where there is a beam above your chair or bed.

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