Getting wealthy with water

Water is a symbol of wealth in Feng Shui. Water can be used very effectively to improve the financial status of a person. When using water as a wealth enhancer make sure you keep balance and its placement in mind.

So how can you have balance when using water?

Water can be divided into two categories, one can be called big water and the other small water.

Big water, as the name suggests is a bigger collection of water like a pond, lake or swimming pool. Small water can be a table top water feature or a smaller pond. When you use any of the two, you just need to make sure that it is in balance with the house. So having too big a swimming pool next to a small house will not be considered balanced. I have mentioned this before that even though water is a great wealth energiser, when there is too much of it, it can drown you. If you are not too sure about the size of the pool vis a vis the house, then going smaller is the answer or you can get in touch with a Feng Shui Consultant and get their advice. You can use small water effectively as well. I have personally used small water features very successfully and have seen them work for my clients as well.

If you live near a lake or river then try to face your house in such a manner that it faces the body of water. If that is not possible then you can try and have a window or a side door there which will let you capture the view of the water from inside the house.

Another important thing to remember is that when you place water near the front door, the water should be on the left hand side of the door. If placed on the right hand side of the door, it can create a situation where a third party might enter in your relationship. I have seen houses with water placed on the right hand side of the door and sure enough there have been problems in the marriage. I have also seen people quite adamant about moving the pond or jacuzzi. I let them know how it can affect their relationship and leave it at that.

Now let’s see how you can work out which is the left hand side of the door? Is it the left hand side of the door when you are looking at the house from outside? Or is it the left hand side of the door when you are standing inside and looking out?

The left hand side we use in Feng Shui is when you are standing inside and looking out, as if you are about to step out of the house.

When you place water it should look like it is coming towards the house and not going away from it.

The directions where you can place water are East, Southeast and North. There are other areas where you can have water too but it is not in the scope of this post. To tap into other directions we go deeper into the different Feng Shui formulas and then work it out.

Water can be used very effectively to improve finances. Do make sure to follow the tips so that water not only brings in loads of wealth for you, but also helps you enjoy your life with your loved ones.

Until next time.

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