A round table conference?

Feng Shui tip for improving business

This Feng Shui Tip is for all those who own a business or work in offices where meetings are held on a regular basis.

Circular or round tables are the best shaped tables to hold meetings as they allow the energy to flow smoothly and harmoniously around the table, helping achieve more cooperation among staff members. It also brings lucky outcomes for the decisions made, especially decisions regarding increasing sales and marketing opportunities.

So yes!!! Go for a round table conference instead of a rectangular one ๐Ÿ˜‰

If you have a square or rectangular table at work then make sure you do not sit at the corner of the table. Any pointed/sharp edge or corner will send out negative energy towards you. You can easily fix this problem by moving your chair slightly, so that you are not sitting right in front of the edge of the table.

(Picture courtesy Wayfair.com)

Have a lovely weekend.


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