What is your dream life?

Hey everyone.

Hope you you are well and enjoying the weekend.

I had a lazy start to the weekend. The last few days have been quite busy so I decided to slow down and relax today. I am using the principle of balance, which is the key principle of Feng Shui.

I have a quick question for all of you.

I want you to think about your life and see what is the one aspect that you feel needs improvement?

Is it money?

Is it relationships?

Is it your career?

Do you feel lack of support in your life?

Do you suffer from bad health…

The list goes on.

Even though this list will be different for each person, you will find that most people have similar kinds of problems.

The good news is that by using the principles of Feng Shui we can remedy all these problems very quickly.

We can focus on the issues that you feel are creating the maximum stress in your life, hence making your life less stressful and more enjoyable, giving you more time to do things you like rather than worrying about the lack of money, health or relationship.

And how do we make this happen by applying Feng Shui?

We use remedies based on the five elements in your house or office to enhance/improve every aspect of our life, like health, relationships, career, money, love, happiness, travel etc.

There is only one thing that you need to do.

You need to actually make an effort to apply these remedies to see the difference it makes in your life. You donโ€™t have to take my word or anybody elseโ€™s word for that matter. You just have to

  • Choose the area you want to improve today,
  • Apply the Feng Shui tips and
  • See what happens.

I want all of you to benefit from this easy and effective philosophy, and have a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.

I am here to guide you through your Feng Shui journey.

I can help only if you want to help yourself.

If you feel you have had enough and are ready to live your dream life then take action now.

โ€˜Your dreams will be reality in no timeโ€™

I am offering a special price to fix the problems you might be facing in your life.

You can be anywhere in the world and I can still help you.

If you think you are ready to improve your life then get in touch with me today and make your dream a reality.

For more details regarding the price etc. write to me at – shellysingh168@gmail.com

I look forward to talking to you soon.

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I am a newbie to Twitter, so if you have any tips or suggestions regarding using Twitter then do share them with me.

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I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you there.

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My website is changing

Good morning beautiful people.

I have been looking at improving my website for a while now and have finally taken the step to get in touch with a professional to help me out. I am aiming at making my website more user friendly and offer more information in one spot.

I will continue posting Feng Shui tips, anecdotes and testimonials as usual.

While these changes are taking place in the background, I am busy creating new offers for all of you. I have been thinking of different ways in which I can help more and more people around the world and am really excited about all the ideas that are coming up.

In the coming months I will be sending out more information on how you will be able to have one on one access with me, from any part of the world, and improve your future by using the amazing benefits of Feng Shui, sitting in the comfort of your home.

Stay tuned for exciting new offers and courses.

Have a lovely day.

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Getting wealthy with water

Water is a symbol of wealth in Feng Shui. Water can be used very effectively to improve the financial status of a person. When using water as a wealth enhancer make sure you keep balance and its placement in mind.

So how can you have balance when using water?

Water can be divided into two categories, one can be called big water and the other small water.

Big water, as the name suggests is a bigger collection of water like a pond, lake or swimming pool. Small water can be a table top water feature or a smaller pond. When you use any of the two, you just need to make sure that it is in balance with the house. So having too big a swimming pool next to a small house will not be considered balanced. I have mentioned this before that even though water is a great wealth energiser, when there is too much of it, it can drown you. If you are not too sure about the size of the pool vis a vis the house, then going smaller is the answer or you can get in touch with a Feng Shui Consultant and get their advice. You can use small water effectively as well. I have personally used small water features very successfully and have seen them work for my clients as well.

If you live near a lake or river then try to face your house in such a manner that it faces the body of water. If that is not possible then you can try and have a window or a side door there which will let you capture the view of the water from inside the house.

Another important thing to remember is that when you place water near the front door, the water should be on the left hand side of the door. If placed on the right hand side of the door, it can create a situation where a third party might enter in your relationship. I have seen houses with water placed on the right hand side of the door and sure enough there have been problems in the marriage. I have also seen people quite adamant about moving the pond or jacuzzi. I let them know how it can affect their relationship and leave it at that.

Now letโ€™s see how you can work out which is the left hand side of the door? Is it the left hand side of the door when you are looking at the house from outside? Or is it the left hand side of the door when you are standing inside and looking out?

The left hand side we use in Feng Shui is when you are standing inside and looking out, as if you are about to step out of the house.

When you place water it should look like it is coming towards the house and not going away from it.

The directions where you can place water are East, Southeast and North. There are other areas where you can have water too but it is not in the scope of this post. To tap into other directions we go deeper into the different Feng Shui formulas and then work it out.

Water can be used very effectively to improve finances. Do make sure to follow the tips so that water not only brings in loads of wealth for you, but also helps you enjoy your life with your loved ones.

Until next time.

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Pillars in Feng Shui

In Feng Shui we avoid facing anything that is sharp and pointed, and aimed straight at us, as it emits shar chi or negative energy.

I attended a Workshop the other day and the room where it was being held had four square pillars and the chairs were placed in the area between the pillars.

When I walked into the room I instantly started analysing which spot would be a good one to sit in so that the corner of the pillar didnโ€™t hit me directly (figuratively speaking ๐Ÿ˜Š).

When you sit or sleep in front of a pillar with the corner aimed at you, it sends out negative energy. If you have this situation at home or work and you continue sitting in the same spot all the time, then over time you will start feeling the effects of the negative energy that is coming towards you everyday. This can cause health issues and creates general bad luck too.

So what can you do when you have this situation?

Here are some tips to fix the problem.

  • The best thing to do is to try and move your chair so that you are not sitting right in front of the pointed edge/corner of the pillar.
  • You can cover the edge of the pillar by placing a plant there.
  • If you use a real plant it will feel the effects of the corner too so it might be better to use an artificial potted plant instead.
  • You can hang a crystal at the top end of the pillar, near the ceiling, and that will negate the effect of the corner.
  • You can hang something in front of the pillar, like a bird hanging or something else that takes your fancy and cover the edge.
  • Mirrors can also be used to cover up the pillar.

Have a look around your work space and home. If you have a similar situation then do take action straight away. These tips can also be used for situations where there is a beam above your chair or bed.

If you have any health problems or your life is just not going the way you want it to, then get in touch with me for a consultation and watch your life blossom.

I offer Onsite and Online/Phone/Skype consultations as well.

For more information send me an email at shellysingh168@gmail.com and I will help you out.

Have a lovely day.


Shelly Singh

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Email: shellysingh168@gmail.com

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The gentle art of Swedish death cleaning…

I was in the bookstore with the children the other day when I came across this book by Margareta Magnusson.

The title caught my eye and I felt intrigued, and picked up the book along with a few other titles, and sat down in a corner to have a quick look at them.

Both the children and their cousin were busy browsing through the bookstore, so I had some time to read the overview and decide on which books I was going to buy.

And I picked these two: The gentle art of Swedish death cleaning and The little book of Ikigai.

The title of the first book sounds quite morbid at first glance, but I think it is a title which grabs your attention, which is half the battle won by the author. Once I picked the book and started glancing through the pages, I was quite impressed by the way Margareta had addressed the boring subject of cleaning.

Dostadning is a Swedish word. ‘Do’ means ‘Death’ and ‘stadning’ means cleaning. It is a concept wherein a person removes all the unnecessary stuff from their home, making it nice and orderly when they think that the time is coming closer for them to leave the planet. Even though the name suggests cleaning before dying, Margareta goes on to say that this book can be used by anyone who is looking at getting rid of clutter and wants to create an easier and less crowded life for themselves.

As a Feng Shui Consultant I understand the importance of de cluttering and keeping the flow of energy around the house fresh and clean, and I am always looking at learning new tips and incorporating them in my life. If you have been following my posts then you understand the importance of de cluttering as well. Even otherwise, every human being should live in a clean and clutter free environment to enjoy optimal health.

I will be sharing the tips and tricks used in this book with all of you too. I hope these ideas will help you in your day to day life and make your life more organised.

Do you have any effective de cluttering tips? I would love to hear from you if you do. Please feel free to share them with us and help us keep our homes clean and clutter free.

Until next time.


Shelly Singh ๐Ÿ’•

Feng Shui Master Consultant

Canberra, Australia

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Different directions and family members

If you remember I have talked about taking extra care of Southwest and Northwest directions, as they represent the Mother or Matriarchal energy and the Father or Patriarchal energy.

A lot of cultures believe in taking care of the Mother and Father to ensure that the family stays together and leads a happy life.

Did you know that each member of the family has a particular direction connected to them as well.

  • East is the direction of the eldest son.
  • Southeast is the direction of the eldest daughter.
  • South is the direction of the middle daughter.
  • West is the direction of the youngest daughter.
  • North is the direction of the middle son, and
  • Northeast is the direction of the youngest son.

The next question is, “How do you use this knowledge in your day to day life?

The answer is quite simple.

Depending on the number of children you have, you can work out which direction represents them and activate these directions.

So if you have two daughters and one son, you will activate the Southeast corner for the eldest daughter, and South for the middle daughter. As for the son, you can activate the East corner.

Once you have taken care of the corners/directions related to each child of the family, you will improve the quality of their life.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you have clutter or a bathroom/toilet in any of the said directions, then that will affect the luck of that child.

If you have a bathroom in the South for example, then you can apply the tips discussed in one of the earlier post regarding bathroom and toilets. You can place a mirror on the bathroom/toilet door or you can cover it up with a curtain. By doing so you symbolically make the negative energy of the bathroom disappear.

Taking care of the directions of each member of the family can really improve their overall luck and health as well.

If you have any questions regarding this tip then you can comment here, or on my Facebook page: Blooming Mushroom International Feng Shui or send me an email on: shellysingh168@gmail.com.

And do remember to share these tips with your family and friends and help them improve their lives as well.

Until next time.

Shelly Singh ๐Ÿ’•

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