Do you have a missing Wealth corner in your house?

Feng Shui Tip: Missing corner and it’s remedy

Do you know that Southeast is the wealth corner of every house.

If the Southeast corner of your house is missing or afflicted in any way, (it could be because of the shape of your house or due to a bathroom/toilet there), then wealth luck will be hard to come by. Any wealth that you make will be short lived.

There are a few things that you can do to turn around your wealth luck.

  • You can remedy this situation by placing a big healthy plant in the missing Southeast corner. This plant can be placed either indoors or outdoors. By doing so you activate the corner.

  • You can also install a bright light inside or outside the house, (where the missing corner is), and leave it on all night or for at least a few hours every night.
  • Another remedy for this problem is to place a mirror on the wall which is towards the missing corner. When using this tip make sure to follow the taboos related to mirror in Feng Shui.

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